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[EN] Egghelende PvP Server


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Egghelende PvP Server

  • No whitelist
  • New player starter kit includes a temporal gear for spawn setting, flint and sticks, reeds for hand baskets
  • Unrestricted PvP, looting, base raiding
  • Conquerable castles/structures
  • Land claim sizes/counts are reduced
  • Only with the threat of destruction can we cherish our friendships and accomplishments

There are plenty of PvE servers out there with large and superficially impressive structures. Here is a PvP server. Assuming total anarchy would be unfair to our humanity, however. Hopefully this world will see some emergent gameplay including an element of cooperation. This cooperation, in the face of conflict, adds gravity to the settlements that manage to emerge despite others' hostility.

World Design

  • Small land claims is a much needed limitation which encourages thoughtfulness and creativity in an essentially unlimited world. The threshold of resourcefulness needed to be completely self-sufficient is higher and therefore organically increases the viability of cooperation/specialization while respecting player autonomy. Large constructions then belong to the realm of collective endeavors.
  • Unrestricted PvP, looting, base raiding adds gravity to your adventures. Any kindnesses shown are enhanced by the fact that there actually were other outcomes possible.
  • PvP-centric players and player groups have new pathways toward gaining material holdings via conquerable castles/structures. Modest pre-existing structures can be conquered during weekend siege events: The last player or group standing at the end of the siege receives sovereignty over the plot of land until the next defense.


  • Carry Capacity - Quick moving of chests and vessels is an essential QoL improvement
  • CompatibilityLib
  • ExpandedFoods - Vanilla-friendly
  • Lichen - For low-tech fences
  • MedievalExpansion - Gives physical security options (gates, portcullis and drawbridges) as well as expanded vanilla-friendly lighting furniture
  • PlayerCorpse - Only for death waypoints. Items will drop on death.
  • PrimitiveSurvival - For early game survival options as well as potentially useful anti-player traps
  • RopeBridges - Bridges made of rope
  • Tradeomat - For afk goods trading
  • Zeekea - Late game decorative items, additional content

Extract the mod pack to %userdata%/appdata/Roaming/Vintagestory/Mods . Leave the individual mods zipped.


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