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Pemmican (continued)


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  - - - - - - -  UPDATE  - - - - - - -

Thanks XarenHypr for taking the initiative to continue this mod!

See updated version below

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Here is my first mod.  Its no Pam's harvest craft but I can sure see the potential now.  

Pemmican Food 0.1.0 [1.5.2].zip

It adds pemmican which is made by pounding berries, meat and fat together with a rock.  Great for prepping a kill and turning it into compact food for the trip home or to prepare ahead of time for a long journey.  Pemmican is meant to be carried in densely packed bricks which must be broken into pieces before eating raw but the best nutrition comes from warming it first. 200 Sat and 2 hp when eaten by a camp fire. 

Compacts into dense bricks of 6 meals.  Thats 6 stacks of 200 saturation in one slot.  No more foraging during long journeys!



No special tools needed. Just use a rock and pound into a paste.  (current recipe uses any meat. Some day it should use dried meat and dried berries to prevent spoilage from moisture.



Best to heat it up first.  Just a basic camp fire.  No advanced tools needed.



Pemmican block stacks to 64.
Thats 12,800 units of saturation in one slot!




License CC0 "public domain"

I encourage anyone to feel free to take it, learn from it, change it, repost improvements to it.  There is no programming needed. Just editing JSON files and follow the basic modding instructions.





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Looks good man, this'll be the first mod I try out for VS.  I especially like that you chose pemmican, as I'm a bit of a colonial American history buff, and this was the staple of a lot of Northeast Woodland groups.  The recipe to make it is pretty on point too :) 

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I liked this mod when I used it way back, so I decided to dip my toes into the modding waters to give it an update.  Here it is if anyone is interested in trying it out (or to see where I might have messed up).  


Edit: Looks like someone already beat me to it XD.  No worries, this was fun to work on.

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I have tested and verified that the mod still works properly in 1.14.2.  Also, although I included a text file with the updates I'd made, I should probably include the details here for people to look over, and thank you to Elwood for allowing me to bring this mod up to version of VS 😀 (feel free to add the updated zip to the original post).

Notes regarding changes/updates to the original mod~

0.1 rev.1c
Updated -- Changed "game:meat-*" to "game:bushmeat-raw" in the pemmican-ball.json recipe to fix crash when trying to open recipe (original 
value from before the Cooking Update, this gives an alternate use for bushmeat)
Updated -- Updated pemmican.json itemtype file to include handbook, variantgroups, and transitionablePropsByType (spoilage) fields.

Changed -- 2 stones instead of 1 for pemmican-ball recipe.  Made a bit more sense to me to be crushing the ingredients between two stones.
Changed -- Saturation values for raw and cooked versions reduced from 150/200 to 80/120, removed health modifiers.

Added -- Spoilage timers for all pemmican variants.  Cooked has the same timer as cooked bushmeat, ball/block has the same timer as cured bushmeat.

Removed -- nutritionPropsByType for pemmican-block.  Original version had no Saturation and gave health damage when eaten, this makes it unable 
to be eaten.

Saturation Values:
Using cooked bushmeat and 'normal' berry values (blue/currants), the total saturation for the base recipe is 480, split into 6 gives the 'raw' 
values of 80 per ball.  This is the same as if the player ate the ingredients individually, using the cooked bushmeat value (as there is no raw 
one).  There is a small 'boost' if the player uses cranberries or saguaro fruit (60 sat v. 80 sat), but they lose the health recovery from the 
saguaro fruit.  

The cooked version gives an overall boost to the saturation of the ingredients, to a total of 720, though this is still short of the value of an 
'equivalent' redmeat/poultry stew (using Mushrooms, as 2x are 240 total Sat, same as 3x fruit in the pemmican recipe):

2x Bushmeat + 3x Fruit = 480 total saturation (raw)
2x Bushmeat + 3x Fruit = 720 total saturation (cooked)
2x Redmeat + 2x Mushrooms = 1080 total saturation
2x Poultry + 2x Mushrooms = 990 total saturation

Even with the increased saturation value for the cooked pemmican, the meat stews are still offer more.  What this recipe offers is convenience 
when berries are available (and the player doesn't have a cooking vessel/redmeat), as well as a much longer shelflife for winter/etc storage 
(RL pemmican can last 1-5 years at room temperature, longer in colder climes).


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