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  1. Thanks for your interest but I have decided to discontinue this mod. Please read the reason in the OP.
  2. I will have a look and see if I can update it.
  3. Elwood

    Sifting Table

    yay. I like immersive things like this. Add a little shaky shake action requiring holding the right mouse button. Besides early game use some other later game uses could be added. separating sand and gravel from cobblestone, sieving grain, mixing two materials together. Mechanical power with hoppers etc.
  4. I think it would be useful to have a world type for modding with all the settings you say. The current flat world seems to loads super fast because there is no terrain to generate and minimal rendering. other things. no weather. no clothing selector. What i have been doing when i want a fresh start is create a world to repeat tests is prepare a normal world manually. flatten it. Put all the tree types and ore types and animals you want to experiment with. Set the time factor to make days super super long. clear my inventory and stand in the perfect spot. then exit and create multiple copies of that save to load in a fresh one every time you want to conduct a new experiment (such as after testing bombs ). i think /time hoursperday can be used to make the day very very long. I think one of the servers I played on double the hours per day. I usually do this when I play because the default day is too rushed. also the /time speed command can make time progress fast. So if you want to make charcoal quickly or a baby chicken 'hatch" quickly then set it to a high number and watch the world pass you by. I'm curious what other workflows other modders have to make life more efficient.
  5. Sounds like an interesting concept for a simple mod. I agree most of it could be done with alternative recipes and item variants in a mod. Combining the barrel, firepit and grid crafting to make things interesting. I don't think it belongs in the core game since veganism is a very recent concept and impossible in the primitive time era and people would have starved without the generosity of animals. Some ideas bonemeal - compost (spoiled food + grass) - or random drop bones when digging peat. (animals often get trapped in peat bogs) Fat - oil from soybean or flax. we dont have a butter churn or wine press yet but maybe soybeans covered in rocks within a barrel could produce a vegetable fat? feathers - could be a rare drop from breaking branches (vegans allow "cruelty free feathers are naturally molted by birds") faux leather - as redram suggests - linen. possibly laminated using tree sap. even temporal gears could have some recipe or random drop. example random archeology drop if using a special tool in a certain rock/soil type. added to pots as a rare drop. Its very easy (relatively speaking) to patch vanilla to add rare random drops, no coding needed, just editing text files. Recipe changes and drops are easy if the outcome is a vanilla item. It becomes harder if you wanted the alternatives to have their own models like faux leather having a different appearance. But if you are ok with it looking just like real leather then this is very easy to mod. I think that is generally what the MC mod does. Alternative recipes to make the same item.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I made this long ago and have been away from VS for a while. I have been catching up on modding in discord and might need to look at other newer mods to figure out how to package this properly if I do pick it up again. I just remember how time consuming this was when I did it.
  7. Yes only ore bomb exists in vanilla game but this mod was using a different mode on the bomb in the modding api. I havent looked at this mod in a while. probably doesnt work anymore. I have been thinking of updating this but i have to relearn modding first.
  8. Temperature and moisture also affect what plants and trees, animals and behives will spawn in an area. So vice versa, you can tell you are in a moist area when you see mushrooms for example.
  9. These are great ideas. I have been thinking about this as well. Early ages the foods would be weak in nutrients and saturation since foraging was time consuming and often groups would go a long time without proper balanced diet. Agriculture was a great advancement to our civilization and led to less time foraging and allowed people to develop skills. I was thinking the current food system is too easy and you never starve. So when these advanced cooking principles are added then the forage foods and basic cooked meat should be reduced to 10% of the nutritional value unless prepared in some way like a stew. Either that or add some additional buffs to prepared food like strength, speed, natural defenses, immunity to poison, etc that degrade over time.
  10. This mod has been continued in the The Neolithic Mod in this forum. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions and ideas here and in discord chat.
  11. Thanks @Balduranne I sure could use some help with textures. I also struggle with the shapes. Couldn't get the shape editor to do what i want so manually changed to blocks. I'm currently not making any changes to the mod but not abandoning it. I've been waiting for the game to mature a bit before I expand this mod. Many of the fundamental animal parts like sinew, teeth, bone should already be defined in the game even if they are not used yet. Modders should be able to use these base materials in their recipes. For example I don't want there to be a second version of sinew when the next release comes out. I'm also struggling with how to effectively edit json files. Its very time consuming and error prone using notepad++ and online json validators.
  12. I find i run out of time in daytime and nighttime activities. default day and night is too short. On the darkagecraft server they doubled the time for both. So at night i find indoor activities to do like smelting, crafting, bees. Daytime is for exploring. Doubling both i think is a good balance. MC suffers from the same problem. Especially when you have mods that are nighttime specific you always seem rushed.
  13. I think the difficulty in these types of tree falling mechanics is the block that standing trees are made from are exactly the same block as the placeable block. So now you need complicated logic or a "tree registry" to determine "is this wood block part of a real tree" or does it just look like a tree. A simpler approach would be to use a different registered block when a tree is grown versus the blocks that are dropped. There would be no other way a this alternative block could exist in the world so you know its definitely a tree and not part of my house. This would also solve the giant oak leaving wood blocks in the sky. Or the unchoppable small acacia that grows crooked and the algorithm looks for a certain shape. The algorithm could look for any connected blocks of the alternative "log" type. Currently every time a person creates a new variant of a tree, like the 3x3 or a weeping willow with huge branches that grow in an arc, the current tree cutting algorithm will need to be adapted to accommodate new and interesting structures.
  14. version While forming clay bowls I made multiple forms at once. Client crashes with array out of bounds if you do not release mouse button when moving from one form to the next (using the 2x2 pattern to remove clay). Appears to happen as soon as you move to the next form. Does not happen with a single form beyond the forms boundary. See screenshot below.
  15. I like the idea of chutes for automation. At least as a start to semi-automating some processes like grinding grain or rolling logs into a sawmill. For more semi-automation. In primitive times a rope and basket was used for raising loads. (mining or digging wells or raising hay to a loft). A person or mule would pull the rope to raise the load. Combined with chutes could provide early automation for loading resources into chutes. Problem with early automation is it was never fully automated and almost always had humans helping. A human pulled the rope or walked with the mule. Maybe human power next to machines (hired NPCs) is a form of power. Need to be fed or paid or they stop working.
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