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Realistic Logs and Firewood


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Realistic Logs and Firewood mod for 1.14.7+

I liked the idea of having firewood that looked like the in-game tree bark and burned longer with a more realistic burning temperature. I created textures for the in-game firewood logs and modified the burning temperatures and durations. Thanks to I33tmaan and Digitalr who assisted me in putting this content mod together. This mod utilizes the in-game handbook, has its own tab and guide tab help feature. To see the handbook tab in survival mode, you must have Survival Categories by ZigTheHedge mod installed.

Known Issues and Mod detail for modders:
Due to coding issues, the firewood piles are not yet textured properly. If anyone with C# coding skills would like to take this on, let me know. Also, if you have come up with a mod that adds new tree(s), please let me know so I can add more firewood! Project can be found on GitHub here.

Required on:
Server and client.

Mod Recommendations:
I recommend the following mods that would compliment this mod. Survival Categories to show the handbook tab, and Medieval Expansion and/or Braziers for the braziers to put firewood in for heat in the winter. DISCLAIMER: I have not tested Medieval Expansion with the Braziers mod to see if there are compatibility issues yet.
UPDATE: It seems Braziers mod is ok with Medieval Expansion, but NOT ok with Better Stairs. There seems to be a mod issue there.

Survival Categories by ZigTheHedge
Medieval Expansion by Rhonen
Braziers by DigitalR

At the Vintage Story Mod Database web site:

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Braziers compatibility note
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