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Break A Tool Back Down To Metal Bits!

Brandon Moore

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18 hours ago, Brandon Moore said:

This mod adds a crafting recipe to allow you to break a tool back down to an ingot. In the crafting grid place a hammer above the tool to break down.

Break Down Tools.JPG

BreakToolsDown_v1.14.8.zip 4.06 kB · 3 downloads

found the problem , put "game:" in front of everything, Like game:hammer-* instead of just hammer-* ... same with the other things... and move everything from the game folder into assets... so you have assets>recipes>grid>recipe1 ... that's the actual way. I presume you used the modmaker so for you.. it works as you added those recipes into your game directly ... but from a mod.. you gotta add game: in front of  EVERYTHING that comes from the vannila game.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Will recipes for prospectorpick and shears be added? I've added them myself in a little personal edit of the mod.

It was the first act of modding I've ever done for VS, but all I had to do was look up the item names in the code and edit what you've already done.

I've attached them here, if you ever get around to putting them in.

If you do, could you list me as a contributor? 💙

breakprospectingpick.json breakshears.json

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  • Brandon Moore changed the title to Break A Tool Back Down To Metal Bits!

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