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  1. I actually have temporal stability in this world turned off >.>
  2. Um, I'm not sure if it's this mod doing it, but I've only updated this one, survival categories and the teleportation network mods. As far as I know only yours changes creatures in any way. I'm having ghostly animals (and for a bit the drifters as well but they solidified after awhile)
  3. I actually have several worlds that I've put anywhere from 40 to 80 hours into and never had a meteorite hit my base area. It feels like having the setting at 1 chunk minimum actually has it hit at least 1 chunk away. Only the mod writer could verify that though. *edit* Hmm, well my new closest one is still over 50 blocks from the base. The pink marker is spawn and I had my mouse over my location at where it hit. I suppose it may depend on how large your building is, it may not be worth the risk?
  4. btw, will the herbs from the Wild Farming mod work in your au gratin?
  5. you should join the discord I'll put it in there for you *edit* crud I can't I'm not a modder *edit2* asked in the modder channel if someone would
  6. this is awesome, you should really spotlight this mod on discord :)
  7. I'm trying to remember...did pigs eat crop tiles previously? I was exceptionally unlucky enough for a sow/boar/piglet to spawn inside my greenhouse and gobbled every single one of my cabbage fields...lol
  8. jake was able to fix his mod so that I can make all the baited cages again
  9. excellent, I am seeing the missing cage recipes now, thank you!
  10. Not sure what else would be causing it; I finally disabled the mod for now so I could get my storage set up. Tried with both charcoal and black coal and nothing happened.
  11. unfortunately you can no longer write on labeled chests
  12. thank you for your quick responses
  13. Is there any chance your mod is interfering with the capture animals mod? I'm no longer able to make the sheep/chicken/pigs cages for that one, and farm life is the only new mod that deals with animals that I've picked up.
  14. I'm only seeing the ability to bait for wolves, foxes and hares...what happened to sheep, chickens and pigs? *edit* wondering if it is an issue with having both Farm Life mods and this one
  15. I've found worms on sand as well as dirt; really easy to see them against basalt sand.
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