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  1. What's the plausibility of making the drizzling work as some of us assumed it would? i.e. place the pot of food on the ground (or a table) and shift/right click with the bottle of syrup/etc. Could maybe use the same mechanic as placing a lantern on the ground and right clicking to add a liner from vanilla? If the food and/or syrup doesn't match a recipe/possible combination, you just pick up the food (or have the odd item shake visual with a red text message that says you cannot use x on y)
  2. drizzling is one of the things I had to ask about too, actually once you understand it's in grid it's easy enough to do
  3. actually it's alot clearer than it was when you first brought out 1.3.0 and the few times I got super confused I asked in here and you answered lol I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what you've made possible, for one thing I have yet to make cheese tho I'm a tiny bit closer on that count
  4. you're welcome I understand the frustration, and admit the handbook guides aren't as intuitive as I'd like lol; but l33tmaan has done and amazing job with this mod and as I figure out how it works I love it more
  5. here ya go I use dried berries; since there's no acorn flour I can use all 4 types
  6. you're wanting berry bread like this? I don't have any prepared acorns for flour but I can still give a quick recipe for similar to this one
  7. I find that sage is honestly the best out of all the herbs the mod adds; both in 'veggie' and especially in healing
  8. lol I thought they should too, but hey it cooks and it has protein better than vanilla so I figured I wouldn't complain much *edit* that particular batch of sausages might be from 1.3.3 or 1.3.4
  9. Now, for using his stuff in stews, here's a basic recipe I tend to use for sausages (can also substitute the dumpling in its place) I like processing the meat as much as I can before making my stew because it amplifies the protein you get in the end.
  10. ok, incoming set of screenshots; this is how I make my sausages: First pic is my recipe, second pic is the raw result; third pic is the cooked sausage without curing, fourth pic is the cured sausage, fifth pic is the cured sausage cooked. Now...out of those 4 sausages, only the raw sausage and the aged sausage can be used in stews. I haven't tried putting the cooked or vintage in a salad yet, but I think it's supposed to work if I understand the update correctly.
  11. hmm, maybe it has to be cured and not cooked for them; let me check my stock and see what I get if I cook instead of cure; what all did you add? just meat and fat?
  12. once it cures it'll have extra nutrients (or cooks) but the nutrients don't show until you can eat it *edit* dumplings don't show extra nutrients until they're cooked either
  13. sorry for running roughshod over your thread
  14. I'm on 1.14.10, but I think I made the syrup before I changed to the latest...maybe not; but it definitely works on 1.14.10
  15. ok, I think I misunderstood you; looked like you said it tricked you and was still on 1.3.3 and still didn't work on 1.3.4; but I'd thought you were on 1.3.4 lol I'm gonna go get coffee at least you got some syrup
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