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Skis, ice skates, snowshoes and climbing equipment.


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Skis, ice skates, snowshoes and climbing equipment. That would be my suggestion.

Skis, ice skates - very fast movement, as fast as on a cobblestone street. But skis have to be waxed, bees wax. Snowshoes, worse than skis, but better than normal shoes in the snow.

Climbing equipment, hooks and rope for climbing steep walls and for abseiling. Should be easier than ladders or even building stairs. Mountaineering should be easier and faster than ladders. But also more dangerous, gravel and rubble can slide off. Hooks and the rope you can thrown like a spear. So you are a bit like Cliffhanger or Tarzan :D (maybe also good for climbing very high trees),

What do you think?

These equipment should wear out.

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I am heavily in favor of more movement options. I think you could honestly do an entire update JUST on moving and transportation. I've already talked about overhauling the game's movement system to be more fluid.

Skis would require some kind of momentum-based system to really be utilized properly, since it makes no sense to be capable of travelling uphill in skis without it. BUT, sliding around would be neat. However, implementing momentum would have some far-reaching implications on things like combat and rope physics (which are apparently being worked on). At that point you might as well start messing around with grappling hooks and swinging around.

I think it'd be really cool to have a late-game steampunk grappling hook kind of like Batman's - one that's retractable and strong enough to pull you around! It'd be way too cool to shoot up towards the ceiling of a cave, retract the hook to pull you up, then unhook it to use the momentum to do some sort of super jump.

Yes, I am fully aware that this is crazy.

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