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AM I really too stupid, to carve a pan from a wood log piece?

Nii P.

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I tried to "craft" a pan with one log and a knife in the crafting grid as shown in the handbook, but it doesn't show me a pan. Yes, I'm a newbie at this game, but after 50 hours play time, I crafted a lot of other things already w/o any problem, just the "magic" pan won't show up. I'm playing in warmer region, and tried with flint as well as copper knife and with a kapok wood log, which is the only one at this biome, besides bamboo.

 Is it not allowed to carve pans from kapok wood? It would be a really important tool in early game as it's quite easy to make and use, but impossible for an old lady like me!  Why???!!! ;)

no pan.png

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