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Obsidian Swords, Boar Tusk Helmets, Longbows - A First Mod

David Stark

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Just getting started with modding, so I made a mod to add three new items: obsidian swords, boar tusk helmets, and longbows. I aimed for this to be a mod that just adds some interesting and reasonably balanced extra crafting options.

Mod DB Entry / Download Here

Obsidian Swords (Macuahuitl) are a mesoamerican weapon that's basically a club or paddle with obsidian embedded into it. Obsidian is very sharp but quite brittle. This is a weapon nearly on par with a copper longblade, but a lot less durable - and you need a lot of obsidian to craft it.


Boar Tusk Helmets are an ancient Greek head armour mentioned in the Odyssey. They are literally made from the tusks of dozens of boars. To enable their crafting, boars now drop tusks instead of bones:


Do not speculate why they are suddenly boneless. I'm sure it's fine.

Rams also drop their horns, to be used for crafting in a future update. Both tusks and horns can also be put onto shelves and display cases.


Finally, Long Bows are powerful bows made from the wood of yew trees, which has special mechanical properties that basically make them composite without having to glue together different kinds of materials.


Yew trees are a somewhat rare spawn that require fairly specific climatic conditions. You need the wood to be able to craft longbows, but you can of course also use it to make any other kind of wooden items.


Note the shift between the lighter outer wood and the darker core wood. That's where the magic happens.

Let me know what you think about the mod! Next up I want to try adding a hunting horn made from the ram's horn, but that will require some actual code, so we'll see. I may also add a crossbow.



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for some reason my yew saplings aren't growing into trees; I'll give it a few more days in game, but it's been stuck at 'will grow in less than a day' for awhile now. Loving the wood color for fencing and such :)

ah, also a few recipes still managed to slip past you, like wooden doors still can't use yew wood

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