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I posted a proof of concept mod which changes sheep drops to a single carcass block.  The idea is the block will drop a dozen or so useful items.  Easier to carry a single carcass home than a bunch of stuff.  (currently the proof of concept only drops vanilla items but you get the idea)

Here are some ideas i had about where this could be expanded over time.

Wild game now drops a carcass rather than exploding and filling inventory with junk
The carcass is processed with a knife and drops multiple parts (recommended where you have some storage baskets)
Bones 3-4 (handles or clubs, beads, fish hooks, bonemeal)
Tendons 2-4 (extremely useful)
Bladder (to make cheese)
Intestine (maybe. sausage anyone?)
meat variations (like organs possibly too complex) 
Meat vanilla drops
Fat vanilla drops
Hide vanilla drops
Tendon + Knife = sinew strips (use for tool binding, chest and door hinges)
Sinew + hammer = sinew fiber (for string, sewing thread, fishing line, and with enough sinew a very strong rope. Strong and thin versus heavy hemp.  great for catching animals)
sinew fiber + cooking = glue (glue can be used in various crafting or turned into varnish or sealant)

    Bone fragments with hammer tool
    Bone marrow using knife tool
    Bone handle with saw tool
Bone Fragments
    fish hook with knife
    bonemeal with hammer
    cheese block with milk buck 

Or is this too complicated?  I'm ok with explosive creatures too.  Great satisfaction after using up durability on two spears killing a...sheep.


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Sorry.  I wasn't sure about whether i should be putting a mod in a suggestion thread or whether discussions should be taking place in a mod post.  Thank you for the correction. 

I cant seem to move the topic to the other thread myself.
Lets lock this and continue this conversation in the proper location below


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