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item size in inventory and as item

tony Liberatto

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When in inventory some items look very small compare to others. The item size is not actually relative to its size when placed in the world. But making it too small just makes it harder to see in the inventory and very easy to miss when it pops out. I.e. the oil lamp.

I am not talking about the size of the oil lamp while placed, but when you break a lamp the actual item that pops is almost invisible if it falls in the grass.

Also, the size of it while inside the inventory. There is no need to make it smaller there. Items should be as big as is possible to fit inside the inventory slot. I know the game allows us to increase the size of the Gui, but who wants to fill the whole screen just with the inventory Gui?

Not a serious problem, and in no way it impacts the game, but just something to have in mind.

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