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Clay golem crafting and baking


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I propose a golem mechanic that would use a multiblock structure as an oven for baking them. A golem kiln if you will. the golems are made piece by piece out of clay, and can be reinforced with various metal dust from the pulverizer. Now the types of golems made would also be varied, from a defense golem, a messenger golem, and a horse golem. 

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3 hours ago, Soliton said:

What do you suggest to balance their use in the game?  Would you suggest they consume coal or temporal gears to keep working?  Do they degrade and need repairs?

Balance? i did not think that far whooops. It just sounded cool talk about feature creep. 

First off, they would not heal, so you would have to heal them. 2nd off, and i got this from sunless seas, they will sometimes try to break out of the oven before they are done, so if you do not have steel door on that oven, well you are in trouble... A half baked golem will be a super hot, super dangerous angry mob. 

How about a disk world approach for balance, that the golems sound cool at first, until they start getting to work. Tell them to dig? well they will keep digging, until they hit the center of the earth. 

Then again, having them do work is complicated and would promote griefing, so best to keep them simple. Defense golems do not heal, do not go far, can not use stairs, so they would require maintenance, maybe even rebaking. They will attack anyone not wearing an attuned golem necklace to them.  Golem horses are the same, only if they break their legs then well they can't move so you have to drag them home for repairs, or just take out the hammer and smash them. Don't feel bad, they are not sentient. the golem messenger just delivers stuff and goes back and forth. It can only run on paths. Hopefully it gets to the destination safely? 

I'd wager just making the AI stupid would be both fun and balancing. Just make them barely work and let people figure them out on their own. Maybe later on introduce bronze punch cards that can give better instructions? 

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I know this is a silly thing to be touchy about, but I find a lot of golems in games frustrating and unsatisfying because they're really unfaithful to the origin of the golem as a protector and a support for a marginalized community that was under threat (the Jewish community in Prague). It really puts me off when I have to kill golems in games, especially golems that have "gone crazy" or something like that.

One thing that might set VS's golems apart (if it introduced them) would be having them only in the Rust World as emergency protectors in a very dangerous place? The player could have to carry a special item to animate inactive golems found in the Rust World, maybe a piece of paper marked with special writing, or very rarely find active golems spawning, and the activated golems might lead players to small, well hidden, safe places where the player can recover stability, attacking drifters that aggro on them along the way? I don't know much about the Rust World, but I think that would be interesting especially if there was some small reward for returning using these little patches of stability, and maybe rescuing a golem from the Rust World to have as a defender that activates during temporal storms would be a good lategame goal, especially for players who are starting to find temporal storms to be a boring disruption rather than an exciting opportunity.

Making golems rare and specialized like this would combat the tendency to make "golem farms" and treat them like any other mob, and I think the addition of a mob that seems designed to protect against drifters and temporal instability would be an amazing lore opportunity. I wouldn't give up on VS for having golems that fit the typical fantasy stupid brutish uncontrolled stereotype, just like I haven't given up on minecraft content even though golem farms drive me out of my mind with frustration (and yes I know I don't have to make them but the community treats it very much as part of the natural progression of the game), but I'd definitely be a lot happier with golems that were more true to their origins.

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