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  1. I really, really, really want to be able to adopt the wolf pups who get left behind when I kill a wolf who's been chasing me. Not only would sheepdogs be useful for moving around livestock, or guard dogs be useful for keeping a farm clear of rabbits or a mine clear of drifters, but I just plain feel guilty when I leave those wolf pups behind with no parents. I think the generation changes on wolves should go from generation 0 being unable to perform tasks beyond "sit" and having an accidental bite mechanic where even tame ones will have a chance to bite you or passive mobs if you eat near them
  2. I'm looking for terra preta in my world, so far I've gotten as far out from spawn as I can run without dying (about 3,000 blocks, since I like to play with no death penalty I find it's a fast way to explore) but so far I haven't seen even a single deposit and I'm starting to get super frustrated. While I'm exploring, I keep an eye on every hillside, but I can't say I've been perfectly accurate by any means. Obviously there's no way to tell from the map either, an I'd rather not feel forced to use a mod or datapack (although in a few more hours of seeing nothing I may be ready to give in on tha
  3. Maybe also a compound bow too? Or different styles like recurve bow vs longbow, for specialization (recurve would reach best aim faster for faster shooting, while longbow would have higher damage). A crossbow would be a great iron/steel age option, maybe with the ability like Minecraft has to carry a loaded crossbow in the inventory to make up for a high reload time. Also a lot higher arrow durability would be great, since making the arrowheads takes forever and flint and copper ones seem to be destroyed when fired a solid half or more of the time (I've only experimented with those since you c
  4. It also occurs to me that the word "seraph" means an angel, so being sent by a higher power (possibly someone who's calling them to "return" to the world over and over and refusing to let them leave forever?) I think the drive to return, as in the intro log, is a driving feature of seraphs, who are the only ones who respawn in the same way every time they die and can only despawn (log off) by their own will, since the player character is the only non-mob life form. So maybe returning is a special feature of seraphs and the reason they are able to survive and create/fight in the ruined world? A
  5. Nope! I'm new to the game so I thought I'd play without mods my first time.
  6. My chickens have all started crushing into one corner, I thought they were running away from me but they don't even stop running into the corner when I come and stand in the corner like they used to (they used to run away to another corner). They run out of the corner to go eat some grain and then go right back. (The dead looking chicken in this is a mystery to me, he didn't show up in game but he did appear when I took the picture. I went back to see if there was a dead chicken on the floor and there wasn't one.) Do I need to give them more room? They have plenty of light from the lantern, an
  7. One thing that's really frustrating me so far about prospecting and mining is that unlike minecraft, where a vein of ore is all connected on its faces (so every block of ore is in direct contact with another block of that ore), in VS I'm having a lot of trouble finding and clearing out a whole cluster that I've located, the node search mode propick indicates trace amounts are left over and over while I try to stripmine and find it. I know this is super inefficient but I'm a little neurotic about not wasting the ore and it's driving me a little insane. I think changing the cluster generation so
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