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BetterLogs v0.1.0


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BetterLogs adds new log variants for building... log blocks, slabs, corners, etc.

There are now 2 versions of this mod. One with normal treegen and one with round-log treegen. Warning, the round-log treegen version can get a bit laggy in heavily forested areas, especially on slower systems. ONLY USE ONE VERSION!

  • Updated for the new tree variants.
  • You can now put log blocks in the crafting grid to swap between cube or round variants.


Start by making a Log Splitter with flint. Now make some Daub with sand, grass, and clay.

In the crafting grid, use the Log Splitter above a normal log to split it into 4 Better Logs. Now you can use the Better Logs and Daub to make the different Better Log variants.







Installation: Download the latest .zip file from [VS Mod DB] or [Github] and place it in your mods folder.

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Thanks, I am not great with art, I just used the base game textures, the only one I edited was for the ends of the large round logs and all I did was bring the bark in a bit. I do wish they looked better in the end though. I might try to play with them later.

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Ah, I imagine you used the textures under assets/survival/textures/block/wood/bark? That would make sense. In that case, maybe try playing around with the UV textures of your blocks to make it look less repetitive? If you could emulate however vanilla trees do their bark and make your logs look like that, this mod would be perfect.

Wait a minute, I see fruit tree textures in here! 😱

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The vanilla trees use the same texture over and over, it's just larger so it doesn't look so repetitive, each of my little logs uses basically the center half of the vanilla texture. I might do something like using the bottom half on the bottom log and the top half on the top log or something like that. And yeah, the fruit got my attention too :). I am guessing we will get that with the new pies recently announced.

I played around with treegen and was able to get my large round logs to replace the square logs(and it looked decent I think), but for some reason the trees wouldn't fell like vanilla anymore, it always acted like placed blocks no matter what I changed. I imagine that is something hard coded in a class file somewhere, but that's beyond me at the moment. I am just scratching the surface of c# now so got a ways before I can safely poke around in there lol

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Lovely mod! Makes building a good looking log cabin a breeze- having to chisel a house worth of logs to shape would be a nightmare!

Some suggestions for stuff I'd like to see would be a vertical variant of the log slab, and bark-stripped logs. As there's a texture in the game for bark-stripped log (you can see this when you remove a layer of bark from a log with a chisel), this would hopefully be something easy to implement! 🙂

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