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Mod humble request: Stone Wall

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Thanks, Stroam, that will be really nice. 

I know is more work, but it would be cool to have stone walls to match the existing stone blocks: Cobble, Polished and Brick.

You know, for stacked Stone, I many times miss the TFC feature of stacking 4 to make a cobble while mining, but to be able to unstack when back home for other uses. It helped a lot with inventory management.

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true, but chiselled blocks do not stack, so they create another inventory issue when changing a building design. Also making a whole bunch of wall blocks and just placing them in the world is a lot faster them individually chiselling blocks.

I never liked the TFC solution of using the chisel to make stairs and slabs. I would much prefer a way to mass produce them. It would be cool to have a Water Wheel Mechanical Powered Saw that would cut wood blocks to mass produce slabs and stairs. Until them, I just want to have a quick way to have those blocks in my inventory.

Don't get me wrong I am very thankful for your mods, as they allow me to have these blocks in survival. 

Is just that I like big buildings and the ability to quickly change designs without having to individually chisel each step of a stair or micro blocking each block in a wall, makes a difference.

For me, the micro block feature of the chisel should be used for details, not for long stone walls. 

10 hours ago, Stroam said:

You know you could just chisel those blocks into walls if you wanted. The reason I'm making stacked stone into a wall is to nerf it so you can't put stuff on it.

I do not understand what you mean by: "put stuff on it." What is it that people were doing with the block?

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