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Regional Spawn Points


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I saw this morning that in the latest pre release there is a new feature added that limits the number of times you can use a custom spawn point in wilderness survival mode before it needs to be reset. Default is 2, but it is customizable.  I like the addition, but it will be a controversial addition to the game on our server. Some folks just like the set-it-and-forget-it way that the mechanic works now, and they have good personal reasons.

Some players like to travel far from spawn and settle in remote areas, and prefer to avoid drifters as much as possible. The idea that they will now lose their customized respawn point after they die a few times and then have to walk 30 real life minutes or more back home is going to irritate them a bit (maybe more than a bit), unless they deal with drifters (which they also don't want to do any more than they need to), to acquire gears or trade with others who can provide them.

As I said, I like the idea and think it will bring a needed element to the survival aspect of the game, but I can understand why some won't want it.

It is a daunting thing for a player to walk 20k blocks off into the wilderness to set up a base knowing that they may lose their respawn point if they don't get lucky enough with gears to maintain it.  If 20k away is so daunting a thing, what about 100k?  Heck, some players in our server think that a 2k block walk from spawn is a big deal.  Our world is 1mill x 1mill, and now we will lose custom respawn points if we don't or can't maintain them, and spawn back to the one single server wide respawn point. 

Again, and don't get me wrong, I like the challenge- but when put in perspective it feels a bit odd.

That got me thinking...

Add a feature:
A machine, device, spawn block- something that a player can obtain and set up in the world.  Make them VERY rare, and require parts/materials to be scavenged and purchased to complete them.  When a player dies without an active custom respawn point, they respawn at the spawn device/block closest to where they died. 

This would allow for player built, regional respawn points to be set up, and make setting up towns and cities and personal bases far from server spawn much more viable in a vast game world.

Humbly submitted...

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9 minutes ago, l33tmaan said:

A Seraph cloner? 🤣

Lol, one way to look at it, I guess.
Thinking about this with regard to lore though, there has to be some reason why a seraph respawns where it does after death. What if tech in the world could be used to manipulate those temporal forces to respawn them at a certain point on a regional scale based on the location of said devices?

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