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Will this ever come to consoles like Xbox and/or playstation?


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Would be good for me because I'm on console more than pc sometimes but more so in my current circumstances where I took down my pc set up in my spare room because my cousin needed a place to go while waiting for his place to get replaced or finds a new place. 

As such I haven't been on pc lately. 

I'm afraid to set it up in the living room because there 5 yo is a destructive monster. 

When they move back out I'll need to replace my carpet chairs and table. 

I don't need him spilling something inside my computer too lol.

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I too hope that Vintage Story will come out with a nice crossplay system.

The only thing that’s a little problematic are mods, because Xbox has a problem with the fact that potentially malicious people could exploit a mod system to invade the Xbox system and cause harm.

I personally don’t believe that any mod builder would think about that, because we all just want a cooler game, or to play with the possibilities, and give our personality to it. But in theory, specific people who want to hack into other Xbox systems could use modding to have a backdoor on the Xbox. So, I think Microsoft will tell the developers that it’s their job if they want to bring Vintage Story with mods on console. They must contain the game in some way so that it doesn’t do anything to the system. I’m not into that stuff, these are just my thoughts about it. The fact is, Microsoft has nearly eliminated and banned every app that can individually download individual files on the Xbox. It only works in-game, so Vintage Story must build a fully working in-game mod download and install system. A system that must check if the system will crash due to incompatible mod versions. A system that ideally works as a full-screen launcher where you can choose your vintage version, the mods, and shaders. This is possible to make, Arma Reforger and Fallout4 and Snowrunner did it, but they also put many resources into it. So it might be not fun and hard work for the developers. And this is a very small team with a very small budget.

But I think Vintage Story is a perfect game on Xbox, especially because it’s so relaxing and exciting. Also, it has nearly no competitor on console because the biggest counterpart is Minecraft. But on consoles, Minecraft is not moddable and especially has no graphics or physics mods on console. Bedrock is also never fully updated to the next-gen consoles. It’s still the Xbox One code in the background and you have terrible nearly unplayable latency on input lag on controller. Vintage Story could crash that by optimizing the game right away for series consoles and PS5 (but PS5 doesn’t like early access, Xbox has a game preview program) and many players would check out Vintage Story simply because they could never have that stuff in Minecraft. I would love to see it there

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