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  1. Updated launcher with a fix for a crash that was caused by mods without descriptions. Changelog Fixed a crashing bug when people don't put descriptions for their mods.
  2. Wow i cant believe the issue was that simple. I guess someone having a mod without a description bugged out my info getting function. I forgot to add something in case that happens lol. Ill push an update out Sunday night or Monday with a fix. This is the mod that's messing it up lol. https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/535 EDIT: I might be able to get a fix out tonight when i get home from work. EDIT2: I do also want to add a search function for servers because man that's annoying to go through.
  3. Yea its still work in progress. Did you also try other servers with mods to see if you get that error? Also would you mind showing me your server on the launcher so i can see if i get the same error?
  4. Updated launcher with some new features. 1.2.0 Dev Added ability to join servers and download mods with 1 click when you click Join With Mods. Added ability to manage mods in your packs. Added some links to the Main tab(mainly to take up space XD).
  5. Not sure if you knew this but if you put a serverip.txt file in your pack folder with the ip in it people can join the server with 1 click right from the launcher main menu. If you want to you can also include the full launcher right in with your pack so all people have to do is just extract, run the launcher and click Play on Packs Server.
  6. It should work just fine. I just tested it on a few worlds to make sure. Are you sure you got the correct location for the config file? If you are using something like filezilla i noticed its better to just delete the file off of the server before you upload a new one because sometimes it doesn't overwrite it for some reason.
  7. I second this. Trying to make a launcher that auto downloads mods on joining a server and its erroring because it cant find this mod on the database lol.
  8. If anyone is wondering when the next update will come it will be a while. Im currently in the process of moving to a new home. Once I move I wont have internet for a few days to a week. Once I get all moved and internet back ill be hammering out the next update. Thank you very much for everyone who has tried this launcher so far. If you like it please let me know what you like about it or what you mainly use it for.
  9. Now this is a mod I have been waiting to see.
  10. Alright everyone this is a large update that took me a while to make after the release of the moddb. I hope everyone will enjoy the additions I have added. Without further ado here is the changelog. 1.1.0 Dev Added the ability to download mods directly from the official moddb https://mods.vintagestory.at/ Added ability to search for mods via text. Added a server browser with the ability to connect to the server with the currently selected pack or no mods. Updated the info tab with hopefully useful information. Added ability to refresh the modpack list.
  11. Just a tiny very very WIP preview. I was able to get pulling information from the moddb working and the ability to download mods from the launcher. Next i need to work on making things look more presentable and the ability to make packs.
  12. Very tiny update before I work on larger things. 1.0.2 Dev Added ability to open a mod packs folder. Added the best icon the world has ever seen.
  13. Updated the launcher with the following features. Changelog(V1.0.1 Dev) Added ability to set a custom location for launching the game if you are not using the default install location. You can now add a description and icon to your packs. You can now add an IP to your packs if you have a server for the pack and players can connect directly to the server from the launcher.
  14. Probably not but who knows. You could always just download an older version and install it in a different location maybe and point the launcher to that directory(in the next update). The launcher should work for any version of the game. Once I learn more of the web side of things i might look into it but its not on my list of things to do yet.
  15. The server function isnt working yet. For now you will have to add it like any other pack. Just make a new folder named whatever you want in the Modpacks folder and throw the mods from the server in there.
  16. That was one of the reasons for it also. Got sick of having to enable and disable mods when going back and forth between modding and playing.
  17. No need to donate even if I had a link. I do this for fun because I love the game.
  18. Vintage Story Launcher What is VS Launcher? VS Launcher is a launcher that lets you have multiple mod setups for whatever you want. Once complete it will also have a server browser where people can list their servers and people can download all mods required and join the server with 1 click. People will also be able to upload mods for people to download and make packs with. The end goal is to have a single place where everyone can go to get what they want for the game. As of right now only the packs feature works where you can make a folder and load it with mods and launch the game w
  19. Tested the mod out and it works with the newest version 1.14.0. No need to update the mod as it should work with all future versions of the game also.
  20. Pols Server Utilities 1.2.0 This mod will add some useful commands for servers such as /home and /spawn. Note: This mod works for both server and clients. It also works as standalone version on servers so no need for clients to have it. Everyone Commands: This will list commands all players can. /home works by teleporting the player to their current spawn point. This can be set by using a Temporal gear. /home [name] teleports the player to a home they named. /sethome [name] will create a players home with that name. /homelist will display a list of the p
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