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The Homesteading update (v1.15-rc.3)


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Dear Community
v1.15.0-rc.3, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Thanks to everyone's thorough testing we have fixed a great many special cases bugs as well as usability issues with our newly introduced 1.15 features. You can now also craft inner and outer roof corners, roof tips, and a completely new set of bamboo roofing 🎉

With these fixes complete, we hope to release v1.15 stable very soon.



Game updates

  • Feature: New blocks! Added bamboo roofing.
  • Feature: New blocks! Added roofing tips, inner corners, and outer corners.
  • Feature: Can now plant ferns in flower pots and planters. Fixed some plants not season/climate colored
  • Feature: Added links to class-exclusive craftable items, accessible from the class traits menu.
  • Feature: Added recipes for remaining roof ridges.
  • Feature: Lots of improvements on the handbook texts. We added several new guides and updated existing ones
  • Feature: Added attributes argument to commands /giveitem and /giveblock to allow assigning of itemstack attributes. Useful e.g. for spawning in tinted lanterns or meals. Needs to be added to the end of the command and in json syntax.
  • Tweak: Updated all language files
  • Tweak: Removed churn and fruitpress from creative inventory
  • Tweak: The client now logs a game exit reason to the client-main.txt to help with debugging
  • Tweak: Can now also use knife to cycle pie top crust styles
  • Tweak: Creative mode block breaking no longer overrides block reinforcement
  • Tweak: The new seraph voices system is now marked experimental and disabled by default.
  • Tweak: Improved UI alignments in the character selector
  • Tweak: Revert changes to the sun position. Will need a bigger rewrite in an upcoming version
  • Tweak: Rough wooden doors now no longer break when opened and closed in Creative mode
  • Fixed: Missing 256k size for world length
  • Fixed: Unnecessary line breaks in loose ore block info
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash related to pie
  • Fixed: Minor memory leaks
  • Fixed: Cementation furnace visual issues when filling
  • Fixed: Submerged ebony seeds when dropped on the ground
  • Fixed: Creative mode reinforced block oddities
  • Fixed: Incorrect interaction help with the plumb&square
  • Fixed: Creative mode middle mouse click on firewood piles and peat piles buggy
  • Fixed: Missing block interaction help for ground storables
  • Fixed: Pressing Cancel on developer mode switch redirected the player to the developer tab
  • Fixed: Wrong GUI sizing on the customize world screen
  • Fixed: Missing block interaction help for pies
  • Fixed: Omok table top had material rock instead of wood
  • Fixed: Overculling issues on sign posts
  • Fixed: Issues with alum prospecting results
  • Fixed: Game not remembering the configured sound output device
  • Fixed: Durability syncing issue (1.15 issue), on replacing broken tools
  • Fixed: Game still crashing from a missing wind pattern file
  • Fixed: Game crashing from missing weather sound files
  • Fixed: Game crashing on sound loading race condition (when sounds loaded slower than the main game. cause of Melchiors crash)
  • Fixed: Some falling blocks spawned only white particles
  • Fixed: Crucible with melted metal in them were stackable, causing various issues
  • Fixed: Crash in some cases when placing firewood or peat
  • Fixed: Reduce unwanted 30fps when FPS is set to 60, see Github #1133
  • Fixed: Strong wind player pushforce no longer applied when swimming
  • Fixed: breaking a mix of bowls on the ground did not randomize block breaking particles
  • Fixed: Pit kilns and spawner blocks (e.g. for traders) did not correctly check for chunk borders, causing undefined behavior
  • Fixed: Adding/Removing armor to armor stands did not correctly synchronize to other players
  • Fixed: Attempting to change a keybinding and clicking back button caused undefined behavior
  • Fixed: Server view screen "Add to favorites" button overlapping with join button on some gui scales
  • Fixed: Attempt to fix rare SnowAccum loading issue, also log for it     
  • Api Refactor: Consistent naming of y-scaling properties.
    • CompositeShape.ScaleAdjust is now Scale, which defaults to 1
    • StorageProps.CbHeightMulFactor is now CbScaleYByLayer
    • BakingProperties.StartHeightMul is now StartScaleY


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