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Everywhere I build my home is unstable

Tim Cafourek

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I can't seem to figure this out and I've scoured google.  I started a new game in 1.15 and temporarily set up a new base in the ruins of a church or cathedral then a few days later the gear starts spinning counter clockwise constantly when i'm there.  So I moved my base far away and set up another house and it does the same thing there too.  Seems everywhere I build a house it does this, any suggestions?  I like the temporal mechanic would rather not have to disable it

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Welcome to the forums :)

Areas do not become unstable over time. If you find an area in which the spins clockwise (or doesn't spin, if the wheel is full already), then it is stable and will always be stable. It will never become unstable.

(Unless, of course, you have found a bug. But we've not yet heard this from any of the thousands of others that are playing on 1.15.)

So look carefully at the cogwheel before you settle down and build a house. Also walk around the area a bit, to ensure you are not on the border between a stable and an unstable zone.

If you can document a case of stability changing over time, we'd love a bug report for this. Just make sure that you don't run any mods while it happens. The devs need to be able to reproduce the issue without mods in play.


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