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Why no damage modifier option for players?

Ty Plum

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There is a hp option for players and a damage modifier option for enemies but not a damage modifier for players or hp modifier for creatures? Is it hard to make it possible for player characters to deal double damage or half the creature hp? Its a bit silly that it takes 3 flint arrows from a simple bow to slay a rabbit. 2 flint arrows at most. Everything simply has too much hp. Is there a way I can go into the files myself and edit player damage modifier?

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As far as I know there is no clear, intended, or safe way to modify such values, though someone with more knowledge of how the game configs work may know something I don't.

Part of the reason you're doing so little damage is how the game is balanced. Flint arrows are the easiest and cheapest arrows to obtain in the game (minus crude arrows), and thus they have a significant damage deduction (-0.5 piercing) where other arrows don't. To put it in perspective:

Crude/flint arrows should take 3 hits to kill a hare,

Copper and bronze arrows should take 2,

and iron arrows and above should 1-hit hares. These all assume you are using a fully-charged simple bow (3 piercing damage), but better bows can reduce these numbers depending on the arrow due to their additional piercing damage.

Your problem may not necessarily be that everything has too much HP, but moreso you are using fairly low-tier tools. Consider upgrading your arrows or bow. Even just the +0.25 damage you get from using a longbow instead is enough to kill a hare in 2 hits (flint arrows) instead of 3. Or, alternatively, copper arrows should deliver the same result. 

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