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Mid-Game Tools to expedite Knapping/Clay Forming


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Really enjoying both the knapping and clay forming systems. So tactile!

Maybe I'm just lazy, but in both activities I found myself intuitively wanting to shift-click-drag-release in a straight line to break/add/remove sections for a little more efficiency. The instinct is probably an Adobe shortcut I've internalized. e.g. Especially when knapping knife heads, that middle section is a perfect rectangle I wish I could knock out with a single, fancy keyboard move.

I could see something like a craftable Chisel being available as a mid-game technology to enable this shift-click-drag function for faster knapping (as well as an equivalent tool for clay forming). Or would something like this take too much away from the "earning it" feeling the game does so well?


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Uhmm, if you have access to chisels then why are you still using stone tools?

When knapping stones in real life you have to hit the stone a lot to break off chips so I think they decided to require each voxel to take a hit to remove it so as to emulate the real life process. Having a click and drag might go against the dev's vision of the game, but I can emphasize with wanting to reduce time crafting (especially with pottery, and that already has the layer copy setting).

Also, not to be rude but I believe most people would consider copper/bronze to be mid game and steel late game, with iron in between.

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