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Modded Server Launcher? Who is interested?

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In the past I have made a launcher for one of the most popular VS servers. This launcher made it easy for people to play on that server. All they had to do was click a download/update button then a few seconds later click a join server button, then the game would launch and join the server with all the required mods.

Is anyone interested in a launcher for their modded server?

Here is an example of what the launcher will look like and what you will need to setup on your end.


On your end you will have to provide a permanent text file URL that you can edit. Here is an example of that. https://pastebin.com/raw/EJEJKjmV

Completely optional but highly recommended that you also provide an icon to be used for the launcher.



If anyone has any questions or is interested please let me know below.

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