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  1. I got to wondering, purely idle spitballing here. Is there any way to increase or lower a player's body temperature with foods or drinks to offset seasonal/biome temperature extremes? Tagging on that line of thought if there is, perhaps a way to keep hot food and drink warm in a bottle to heat up on the go when out choppin wood or hunting; likewise chilled for summer or hot biomes. Would be an interesting way to give foods another option beyond fulfilling hunger and supplementary first aid snacks. (or hot cocoa, would give chocolate a secondary use as an ingredient for things like Ha
  2. Ran into the same problem that Cryorus The Dragon had back on page 12 (April) and on with Maple Syrup. Shows it's ready to cook but the temp stays cold. Tried every permutation for placement I could think of and from posts in the thread (sap pieces spot 1 only, then spot 2 only, and so on for 3 & 4, you name it) Fresh portions from tree in a bucket Fresh portions from a tree in a sauce pan fresh bucket and sauce pans with fresh maple sap in creative new fireplace new fuel Tested with Birch sap under same conditions. Nothin seems to be
  3. I had a very similar issue not too long ago, actually. Try replacing the shelf in question with a newly crafted one as it's likely a confliction when it was crafted with an older mod vs the features added in the newer updates. In my case it was a single shelf that was left over from before the juicing and bottles were added. If it still does it it could be the screw press itself. Or both!
  4. First attempts were empty fire clay bottles. Replicated with filled blueberry juice in the fire clay bottles and other bottles and the ctd was consistent. Edit edit edit: ....what a wacky wild goose chase this was. Turns out it was a combination of game updates, funky mod interactions with that specific shelf's storage space, and bottles. Everything else worked just fine except for bottles. They fit just fine on the left hand side but the right side was having the existential crisis lol. the refresh commands apparently detected something with the bottles to update them but that particula
  5. Found a rather specific crash to desktop involving bottles and shelves. If a bottle is placed on the top shelf when there's a block in the space above it the game will crash to desktop without fail for me. Originally thought it was due to the object mapping but as long as there's no block above the top shelf the bottles can be stored without issue. Figured I'd mention this since there's such niche conditions involved. Culprit: No CtD shelves
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