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(Figured More Molds Needed a Forum Home)


Picturing the Grinch at Christmas time for all that Noise Noise Noise got me thinking...

"Ya Know? They might not be QUITE as efficient as smithed items, but really... even a rough plate is still a plate. Even if we have to work on it later to make it more efficient!"

That led to making molds of some of the more tedious items that seem like they really could have a mold.

  • Metal Plates
  • Metal Sheets (Currently was no recipe before... Not sure where you find them)
  • Metal Knife
  • Copper Chute Section
  • Metal Chisel

You will note as well... Copper Chute Mold REQUIRES fire clay, but makes 4 at once.

Yah, yah, yah... You can argue that a poured knife isn't gonna be as sharp as a smithed knife, of a poured chisel as efficient as a smithed chisel... but ya know... they are both a voxel tall... and this world is run by voxels. So I pour my tiny voxel based knife, and then display it proudly on my poured voxel based Bismuth Sheet.

This mod is definitely a WIP so please leave suggestions. This is my first mod working with models. 

🍪🍪💜 SIMILAR MODS - Be Sure to Check Out and Share The Love! 💜🍪🍪

Looking for just a lightweight option for just Plates and Arrowheads, Check out IronFractal's "Additional Molds"


🍪🍪 Changes 🍪🍪

Verson 1.1.1


  • Added Handsaw
    • Based off a Keyhole Saw IRL 
    • Slower than Saw at cutting through tree logs, and leaves, for each metal.
    • Can be used to create Boards from Logs (1 Log = 4 Boards)
    • Can be used to create Sticks from Boards (1 Board = 4 Sticks)
    • Created wtih 1 Stick and 1 Handsaw Blade
    • Durability current unchanged from Saws (Considering changing this, Please provide feedback)
  • Added Handsaw Mold
    • 2 Ingots for 2 Handsaw Blades
    • Can be made with either Blue or Fire Clay




Version 1.2.0


  • Added Readme with RoadMap
  • Added Changelog
  • General 1.15 Upgrades Improvements
  • Clay Molds Updated to Work In Pit Kilns
  • Plate Mold Updated
  • Handsaw Changes
    • New Model
      • Fixed Z-Fighting Issues
      • Fixed Appearance with Player Holding
    • Reduced Durability to 1/4 Original




🍪🍪 ROADMAP AS OF AUGUST 29, 2021🍪🍪


  • Add Config File for Client/Server Mold/Tool Selectability
  • Include Ability to Scrap Down Metal Parts for Metal
    • First must process Scrap
      • No Additives = T2 Metal
      • Additives = T3 Metal, but reduced Quantity
  • New Molds
    • Chain Link
      • Novelty Mold for Making Chainlink
    • Vials
      • Novelty Mold
      • Introduces Lead-Glass that can be melted/poured from Crucible
      • Do nothing themselves, but future connection with YABBA
    • Pucks
      • Small Round Ingots that can be melted back in crucible, 20 Units per Puck.





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  • Quixjote changed the title to More Molds
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On 8/30/2021 at 4:59 AM, Quixjote said:

You can argue that a poured knife isn't gonna be as sharp as a smithed knife

actually, that wouldn't even be true, you would use slightly more molten metal (compared to if you'd only heated and smithed it, but then again you would have to weld the used metal pieces together), you may need to sharpen it more often and it may be slightly less durable, but how sharp it is only depends on how and how well you sharpen it... i've seen sharp knives made out of paper or rice (though these were kinda more proof of concept than actually longterm usable), and of course some poured ones too.

though one could argue the sheets wouldn't work as intended as poured metal is more brittle and sheetmetal usually is meant to bent in some way, but as long as we don't have rolling machines that's not even worth arguing about (because smithing metal into evenly (really) thin, big sheets wouldn't work so well either).

btw. i'm REALLY thankful for the chute section mold (though i'm totally aware how bad that might turn out irl), i mean i don't mind smithing some of them, but for bigger projects they are a pain to produce.

similar with plates, after a few dozens (hundreds? idk anymore) i'd even take inferior ones any time. I don't think a chains mold is really necessary though, after all, all you just need to do is punch a few holes in the plates ét voila chains... And how many does one player need to produce anyway?

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For the updates done this week for VS Versions 1.16 through 1.18 pre-x, there was a bug that prevented Handsaw Molds from being poured. This happened in the change from 1.2.0 to 1.2.5, and is now corrected. 
For VS 1.16.x newest version is moremolds_v1261.zip
For VS 1.17.x newest version is moremolds_v1301.zip
and For VS 1.18 Pre-x newest version is moremolds_v141.zip

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March 11, 2023

BotenRedWolf found another bug! Again, all the way back from when I cleaned up the code. The Handsaw was not playing nice with plank and stick recipes. 

  • FIX – Handsaw Recipes
  • Logs and Redwood Log Quarters to Planks
  • Planks to Sticks

Again, this fix has been applied to VS Game Version 1.16.x, 1.17.x, and 1.18 pre.x

For VS 1.16.x newest version is 1.2.62
For VS 1.17.x newest version is 1.3.02
and For VS 1.18 Pre-x newest version is 1.4.11

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March 12, 2023

  • 1.2.63
    • FIX – Raw Sheet mold
      • Typo preventing Pit Kiln Cooking to Burned Sheet Mold
  • 1.3.03
    • FIX – Raw Sheet mold
      • Typo preventing Pit Kiln Cooking to Burned Sheet Mold
  • 1.4.12
    • FIX – Raw Sheet mold
      • Typo preventing Pit Kiln Cooking to Burned Sheet Mold
    • FIX – Nail and Strip Mold Clay Form Recipe
      • Forgot to add designator type of clay used when transferring from testing environment.
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