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Vintage Server Launcher

Polraudio Zion

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Vintage Server Launcher

What is Vintage Server Launcher? Im glad you asked. Vintage Server Launcher is a launcher that lets server owners easily setup a way to download/update server mod packs and join their servers with nearly no effort on the users side. All mods are kept inside the launcher and don't require the user to add any mods to their client at all eliminating the confusion of modding your game to play on modded servers. This launcher also has a PlayerMods folder for those client only mods that you don't want to have removed between server pack updates.

Without further ado lets get into how everything works and how you the server owner can configure your launcher for your very own server.


How does the launcher work exactly?

Once you launch the launcher it pulls all the info from a permanent json file that you specify in the launcher settings. In this file you will be able to tell players what version the mod pack is and what game version they require to join the server.

Once the player clicks Download/Update button the launcher will do the following in order.

  1. Delete the contents of the Mods folder.
  2. Download the zip file you provided in your json link.
  3. Extract the zip file with all the mods into the Mods folder.
  4. Delete the zip file to save some space.
  5. Will update the packs version number so you know what version you currently have.


How do I set this launcher up for my users?

  1. Find a place to host a text file that you can edit using the current json example i have setup. I personally prefer pastebin since its free and easy to use. I highly recommend making a free account so you can just edit the file as you update your mod pack making it so users only have to download the launcher you provide once. Example: https://pastebin.com/raw/EJEJKjmV You will have to use a raw link from pastebin or a direct link if you are not using pastebin or it wont work.
  2. Download the Launcher and run it.
  3. Go to the settings tab on the launcher and paste the URL to your json file in the "Server Info URL" then click save.
  4. Zip everything back up or create an installer or any way you see fit to distribute the launcher to your users.
  5. Make sure when you zip up your mods its inside a folder called Mods. explorer_NWKnDTdnl6.png.7d15a13456a29a9420b04e2809c40d43.png



Note: Before anyone asks no im not using Windows XP. Its a Stardock Curtains theme.


Vintage Server Launcher 1.0.zip

I hope you all enjoy and if anyone likes this or ends up using this launcher or has any issues please let me know down below or on the Vintage Story Discord.

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Works perfectly.


One issue however...

where does one input a password if one exists?

because this essentially doesn't work if the server is passworded...


Also I got a bit confused with the wording within the JSON and EXE not matching up


"Pack version" in Json -  "Server Version" in exe

My opinion "Server version" means the Specific vintage story version

Where as you actually mean the servers pack version... if that makes sense?

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I knew i was forgetting to add something. I always forget the password lol. Ill add a way to add a password in the next update.

I should prob just change server version to pack version.


It might be a while for the update because i recently made a full switch to Linux and haven't setup my development environment for VS.

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All good. Yeah haha, the second time I've pointed this out on your utilities. easy thing to miss tbh.

What's the reason to have made another server utility instead of just adding to your previous one? I'm still using your older one at the moment. it seems to be easier on the server admin side than your newer version.


Keep up the great work, these server utilities are super important for the player base in my opinion


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The VS Launcher is for servers that only use mods from the MODDB where the Server Launcher is for people who have custom mods that are not on the MODDB.

It would be easy to add this to VS Launcher but TBH that launcher is bloated enough already lol.

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