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The Weather and Worldmap Update (v1.6.0-rc.1)


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Trady Vintarians
Version 1.6.0-rc.1, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

This was the release to finally contain traders that spawn randomly throughout the world from which you can buy unusual items and make a buck or 2 from selling wares. Turns out my desire to create high quality content makes it explode scope-wise. I wanted that you can easily find traders once you discovered them, so I added a world map. When I started adding the world map, I came to the conclusion that all of the GUI system should be made moddable, so I did that too. After that I did manage to complete the selling/buying mechanic and the time came to add small trader stations to world generation, but those should definitely be build protected so that they can't be griefed, and hey while we're at it, let's do it properly and turn this into a land claiming system that's also available to the average player! And lastly in-between all that, let's a "small" fun feature - Weather! Turns out that is way bigger feature with huge implications on the rendering system. 

In the meantime, Saraty did a massive overhaul of all the Seraph clothing, badly needed 2 more character slots and improved the graphics fidelity in various areas of the game. Tatazaki spurred the development of a few bugfixes and a convenient crash reporter, copygirl further stabilized our mod api, creativemd did some great work on an easy-to-use modding environment setup (WIP) and Luke added 2 new great looking animals - the fox and hyena family! He also did a few gameplay balancing changes for which some of you might be very thankful for!


So this update contains a massive foundation for the trader update, a lot of other small fancy features and a fat list of bugfixes and mod api improvements!

Before you update

  • This is a testing release, so bugs and unpolished features may be encountered more frequently
  • Make a backup of your world before installing version 1.6-rc.1

After you update

  • Worlds started before version 1.6-rc.1 will have broken leaves and clothes. Fix them by applying the remap commands as listed on the wiki page "Updating Old Worlds"
  • If the game crashes when trying to create/load any world, please delete the file %appdata%/VintageStoryData/serverconfig.json once and try again


Ingame Worldmap

Dynamic Weather System and Mist (no rain or snowfall yet, sorry!)

Improved shadows

New creatures hyenas and foxes

Land claiming system

3D Models for crops and mobile containers

New and/or Overhauled Outfits

New crafting mechanic: Grinding with the hand quern

Crash Reporter


Full Game updates list

  • Feature: In-game world map
    • Shows the world from above, also shows you the position of other players! 
    • Hit 'M' to toggle between HUD Mode and full dialog mode, or to disable it
    • Basic waypoint system. These are shown in the world map and can be hovered over for more info. Configure them via these commands:
      • /waypoint add [waypointcolor] [title]  Adds a waypoint with given color and text. The color may be any named .NET Color or a Hex Code
      • /waypoint list Shows you a list of all your waypoints
      • /waypoint remove [num] Removes a waypoint (num as shown in /waypoint list)
  • Feature: Weather System, improved fog, improved clouds
    • The game now changes the cloud and fog patterns over time, producing various forms of weather patterns
    • The clouds no longer have randomized heights but therefore have less obvious hard edges in them
    • The horizon sky, fog and far away clouds now blend much better together Can now have mist type fog which can also be played with through the world edit gui (no rain and snowfall yet, but that is now a much smaller step to achieve)
  • Feature: Much improved dynamic shadows
    • Should now be of notably higher quality at the same framerate and also have less glitchy render artifacts in the distance.
    • Also fixes shadows being extra bad quality or completely gone at a field of view of near 90 degrees
  • Feature: 2 new Creatures A Fox for arctic and cold regions and the Hyena in Savannahs
  • Feature: Hand Quern
    • Wheat must now be ground on the hand quern before it can be turned to bread
    • Ground wheat, or flour can be mixed with a water bucket to create dough, which can then be baked to bread in the fire pit Can be crafted from raw stone and sticks, see below for the recipe shape
  • Feature: Land claiming: Per default, any survival player can now claim up to 32x32x32x4 cubic meters of land and up to 3 non-adjacent areas, which is then protected from being used or broken by other players (disclaimer: not well tested!)
    • /land list  Shows your list of claims
    • /land info Shows who is owning the land you are currently standing own
    • /land claim new Create a new claim
    • /land claim load [num] Load an existing claim to modify it (num as per number shown in /land list)
    • /land claim start Set start position
    • /land claim end Set end position
    • /land claim gd [num]  Expands area down by num blocks
    • /land claim gu [num]  Expands are up by num blocks
    • /land claim add Adds a piece of land as defined by the start/end position to the claim (a cuboidal area)
      /land claim save [text] Save your claim with supplied description
      /land claim cancel Discard your current claim or current modifications if loaded
      /land claim grant [playername] [use|all] Grants use or full rights to given player of the current claim
      /land claim revoke [playername] Revokes all rights from given player of the current claim
      /land free [num] Delete a claim of yours (num as per number shown in /land list)  
  • Feature: Crash Reporter When your game crashes, a dialog will pop up that lets you report the bug with a few simple steps
  • Feature: 3D Models for Crops and mobile containers 
  • Feature: Two new character slots - Upperbody-Over Slot and Arm Slot
  • Feature: Major seraph outfit overhaul
  • Feature: Can now double-tap space key to enter/leave fly mode in creative mode. Can now assign double-tap keys to controls.
  • Feature: Added music frequency slider, let's you choose to hear music half as often, or twice as often Feature: Double doors now open together Feature: The recipe selector (knapping, clay forming, smithing) dialog now explains what each item can be used for and are sorted by name
  • Feature: Added WorldEdit commands to only move the current selection box.:
    • /we sm[n/e/s/w/u/d] [length] - move in given direction by given length
    • /we smby x y z - move by given x/y/z lengths
  • Feature: Worldedit schematics now also import/export with entities
  • Feature: Added a 'public server listing' button to the multiplayer screen to more easily find vs servers
  • Feature: Tall ferns can now be harvested with a knife
  • Feature: Added randomize button for world name in the create world screen
  • Feature: Microblock chiseling inside texturing now working. When chiseling a log block, you now get to see a debarked texture 
  • Feature: New Server command line arguments (they override any setting in the serverconfig.json)
    • -ip: Set the ip address to bind the server to
    • -port: Set the port to bind the server to
    • -maxclients: Set the max allowed players that can be connected simultaenously
  • Tweak: The ingame escape dialog now displays the ip address when the game has been opened to lan
  • Tweak: The Sun now rises in the east and sets in the west instead of north/south
  • Tweak: Gameplay Balancing changes
    • Vegetable saturation dropped, but health gain increased
    • Bread stack limit raised from 16 to 32
    • Bread saturation increased from 200 to 300, except for flax, which dropped from 200 to 160
    • Eating Bolete and Field mushrooms no longer causes damage
    • Drifter now has a 20% chance of dropping a flax fiber
    • Wooden club now does 0.5 extra damage and has 0.5m extra range
    • Female boars no longer attack on sight
    • Reduced Wolf attack damage from 10 down to 8
    • Reduced Surface Copper deposit occurrence by about 33% 
    • Added rare surface tin deposits which spawn surface tin bits
    • Increased normal tin deposits occurrence by 50%.
    • Increases average tin deposit size by 20%
  • Tweak: Default graphics settings tweaks (when newly installed)
    • Reduced sepia level from 30% to 20%
    • Increased FoV from 60 deg. to 70 deg.
    • Reduced ambient bloom from 40% to 20%
  • Tweak: Jumping in water somewhat less obnoxious sounding. 
  • Improved water splash particles, water is more splashy now! ^_^ 
  • Tweak: New player animations when using scythe, shovel and spear
  • Tweak: Re-activated player in-block suffocation with fixes from @Tatazaki (maybe doesn't bug out anymore? :D)
  • Tweak: Added support for chiseled blocks to be rotated with worldedit
  • Tweak: Granite texture now more distinct
  • Tweak: Reduced auto-item collection radius from 2 blocks to 1.5 radius. Makes it a bit easier to get rid of unwanted items.
  • Tweak: Added sub-command /entity listnearest
  • Tweak: Temporal gear now sets the spawn position of where the player is standing instead of where the player is looking at
  • Tweak: Small performance improvements (frame profiler now inactive when not visible, summer air particles no longer do collision detection)
  • Tweak: Improved chunk loading robustness, should no longer discard all entities/blockentities of a chunk if a single of them failed to load
  • Fixed: Command /unloadchunks 0 not working
  • Fixed: Diagonal walking faster than straight walking
  • Fixed: Bamboo stakes could not be used to build firepits. Now also moddable what items can be used to build firepits
  • Fixed: Might eliminate a number of issues with exiting the game, such as the game still running in the background or crashing in some cases
  • Fixed: Lighting issues on foliage blocks that are adjacent to solid blocks
  • Fixed: Moving a selected area with Worldedit dropped the contents of all block entities inside
  • Fixed: Branchy leaves block had wrongly colored branches
  • Fixed: Pickup up raw ingot molds returning baked molds
  • Fixed: Various issues when changing keybinds when inside a sp/mp world
  • Fixed: Ingot piles sometimes invisible after placing the first ingot
  • Fixed: Rare mod loading issues where the game no longer wants to start
  • Fixed: Burning Firepit causing flickering in its vicinity
  • Fixed: Player animations not shown correctly for other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Exception thrown on command /tp [playername]
  • Fixed: Collected items not stacking with items in the backpack
  • Fixed: Some very broken behavior when a server thread crashes
  • Fixed: Able to pour lead into tool molds (there are no lead tools)
  • Fixed: Soil not regrowing grass in some cases
  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to load an old world
  • Fixed: Custom Worldedit hotkey lost after restart

API Updates

  • Feature: GUI API \o/
    • After several massive refactors, the complete gui system is now moddable. All of the gui elements are now in the api and several survival mod dialogs are now moved to the survival mod itself. 
    • Checkout the survival mode gui dialogs for examples
    • The ICoreClientAPI system now has 2 new subinterfaces: UI and Input. You now have access to api methods for accessing the gui dialog generation system and raw keyboard and mouse inputs as well as a several new events.
  •  Feature: Error reporter
    • Type /errorreporter 1 to conveniently see most errors that occurred during loading. Saves the work of looking through the log files manually, making debugging much more convenient
  • Feature: Client Settings AP: Can now retrieve all client side settings and also store your own (client-side) configs there
  • Feature: Can now have blocks that require long interactions, supported by the new methods Block.OnBlockInteractStart, Block.OnBlockInteractStep and Block.OnBlockInteractStop/Block.OnBlockInteractCancel
  • Feature: Block entities can now dynamically switch between dynamic rendering and static models
    • By using a new OnTesselated callback in via  api.World.BlockAccessor.MarkBlockDirty(pos, OnRetesselated);
    • Checkout the Quern Block Entity for an example
  • Feature: Tool mold fill quad size is now configurable in json for custom sized tool molds
  • Feature: Chiseled blocks can now be used as a crafting recipe ingredient
  • Feature: TreeAttribute equals method is now more liberal when it comes to equality testing - i.e. (int)123 and (long)123 are now considered the same value. 
  • Feature: Added TreeAttribute.IsSubSetOf() and Collectible.Satisfies() methods to ignore additional TreeAttribute props of an itemstack i.e. for crafting. Grid crafting now uses this new Satisfies method. 
  • Added client side command .gencraftjson to have a copy a json snippet to your clipboard to be used as a crafting recipe ingredient
  • Feature: Mods can now inject rendering systems into any stage of the rendering process by setting the IRenderer.RenderOrder value appropriately Feature: New interface IBlockEntityRotatable. Can be implemented by block entities to add rotational awareness for world edit
  • Feature: New api method / properties / events: 
    • IWorldAccessor.Seed
    • ICoreAPI.InWorldEllapsedMilliseconds
    • IGameCalendar.MoonLightStrength
    • IRenderAPI.Zfar and .Znear
    • IClientEventAPI.OnLevelFinalize
    • IServerEventAPI.OnEntitySpawn
    • IAmbientManager.BlendedFogColor and IAmbientManager.BlendedAmbientColor
  • Feature: Client Entity <=> Server Entity Networking, eliminates the need to setup a custom network channel for entities  
  • Feature: Added BlockPlaceOnDrop block class, can be used to have a block dropped from inventory turn into a block when it touches the ground
  • Tweak: New OnBlockBroken method for block entities. 
  • Tweak: When the texture loader encounters a missing texture, it will now report where it was referenced.
  • Tweak: Made the method BlockEntityItemPile.OnPlayerInteract public
  • Tweak: Made the fields EntityProjectile.Damage and EntityProjectile.DropOnImpact public
  • Fixed: commad .reload shapes crashing the game
  • Fixed: A map chunks rain height map was incorrectly updated
  • Fixed: ReturnedStack property not working on wildcard recipes
  • Fixed: Modded hoes not working Fixed: Block/Item loader crashing when it encounters a non-json file
  • Fixed: Recipe loader throwing errors for blocks/items have been removed (but still existed in a savegames block or item mapping)
  • Removed: All methods and properties that were marked obsolete

Quern Crafting Recipe


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