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  1. So as I've been working on documentation, I've been getting ideas. I'm gonna share them here, starting with the Hopper. The Hoppers The hopper is a relatively simple device that comes in either a chute or a slide configuration. The chute configuration simply drops items from an inventory above to the inventory below. The slide configuration pushes the items to one of the four sides of the hopper depending on side the chute is facing. The Whetstone The whetstone is an item that will either take half a slab of stone or two slabs of stone. It creates a way to repair metal tools. However, the way it repairs is by re-sharpening the blade and removing material. The tool will last a considerable amount of time, and the damage on the tool is transferred to the whetstone. Repairing the tool is done by holding the tool to repair in your main hand and the whetstone in the off hand then holding right click until either the whetstone breaks or the tool is fixed. Later on this could get an extended durability bar for the tool's actual health and that goes down faster as you use a tool that has lost it's edge. (eg: the pickaxe, saw, axe, or sword) Tool Remains speaking of broken tools, there could be a point where your tool actually breaks and as a result you get what's left over. You can melt them back down into 1/4th the metal material used to make the tool (except stone obviously) or maybe use them as decoration.
  2. So here's my thoughts on Curseforge integration. The main pro is free advertising for the game- as well as advertising for the mods in the game. A secondary pro is that it gets a mod database going beyond what we have in the forums. The main con however is that the way VS is setup- you can really only have one instance going on in one place at any given time. On top of that, the twitch launcher will at times not load things properly as of late. (however, I think it's just minecraft getting that issue.) I will say that while there could very well be better options- Curseforge will make the most noise about the game and having it on the twitch launcher (and with how lovely the logo is) will make people wonder "what's this game?"
  3. I said it in discord, I'll say it here Uranium in it's raw unrefined form gives out light. It looks like this irl.
  4. Ok, that looks super neat. Will download and poke at.
  5. Mod configs need to be a thing as well while we're at it.
  6. Update 1.1. The first of the Old hags bags have been named! B'aux Enboxes Also decent texture update.
  7. I'll take note of that suggestion for the next update when it rolls around. While we wait, have a cookie or three.
  8. Vintage Storage 1.0.1 update- Magic Bags Edition. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgbc0t1yw33i9pm/VintageStorage-1.0.1.zip?dl=0 Update fixes the equipped bag issue however, bags upgraded Do not keep their contents. I would advise transferring the contents into either a chest or another bag before upgrading the bag.
  9. Vintage Storage B'aux Enboxes [1.1] This mod works on some issues the early game Vintage Story currently has, and adds in a few bags to help out both the old players, and the new players. Recipes & Content Known issues Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqkkbn4f7slyfvw/VintageStorage1.1.zip?dl=0 Old Versions- Art for the mod (and wicker box model) made by the lovely Balduranne. Old issues, and versions they were fixed in.
  10. +1 bug: can't pickup items dropped by death. (wut this was working before...) RIP first copper pickaxe. +1 bug: enemy that killed you is also invulnerable but locked in animation like it can't get a proper update or something. *in grandpa voice* One more thing- if you die a second time after the previous bug occurs, some of the items you lost from the second death you spawn with. These bugs persist after reboot. +1 bug. Pulling an ingot out of a mold causes the ingot to leave behind a ghost ingot where it was and the block space it occupies becomes useless.
  11. One other bug to add. When knapping, if you decide to go exploring mid-knap, the item will remain at the state, but graphically the item will refuse to update (even if you completed the knap, it leaves behind a ghost block)
  12. System information: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i5 / 2500k GPU: GTX 570 RAM: 8 GB Bugs- when loading a world you just left, the game will crash with the following crash report: https://pastebin.com/xjCUgaLH (Reproduction steps: make world, leave world, re-enter world; work around: after leaving the world, restart the game.) when loading some mods, the first instance of a code mod throws "System.UnauthorizedAccessException." Tested with Carry Capacity (Reproduction steps: install code mod. boot game, check mods.) Workaround When loading a world after viewing mods, the game crashes with the following crash report: https://pastebin.com/5WTTh6i8 Reproduction- Start game, view mods, switch to singleplayer, load world)
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