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Cooking Pots Don't Lose Heat

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It seems like no matter how cold the firepit gets, if you have food in a cook pot, it never loses heat. I used one fire wood, got the pot up to 197 degrees and stayed there even after the fire went 'cold'.

EDIT: Actually, it seems nothing does. Just tested the same thing when making torches. So not sure if this is a bug or not. Edited by PhotriusPyrelus
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Not a bug, working as intended. Every item maintains its heat for roughly one minute after the last time its temperature increased, provided that nothing else updates the item's temperature in the meantime. Not just in the firepit, but with all heat sources. This is supposedly so that you can do something with the item you just heated before it cools down again, for example smithing a tool on the anvil.

Updating the item's temperature through any means waives this grace period immediately. For example, you can heat a stack of 30 unfired bricks to 600°C, and then pull it out of the fire. It will maintain those 600°C for about one minute. But as soon as you merge one other brick into that stack, the stack's temperature will be recalculated to be the average temperatue of all 31 bricks in the stack. This modifies the temperature, and so the grace period is waved, and the whole stack starts cooling down immediately.

You can actually use this behavior to exploit the heck out of the firepit. For this reason, the roadmap already has a rework of the firepit earmarked. And who knows, maybe the temperature system as a whole will get overhauled at the same time? Or not. We don't know. Nor do we know when it will happen.

Until then, however, this is not a bug. ;)

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