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The 15 bugs less and one more Lantern Hotfix (v1.6.1)


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The 1.6.0 release was a tad less stable than I hoped for :D 
I also updated a 3rd party library (with the help of @Stroam), which may fix a long standing issue with memory usage slowly skyrocketing after playing for more than an hour. And maybe it also fixes the strange lag spike issue that sometimes appears when you have the block info and coordinate hud opened. Both bugs I presume to be caused by that library (Cairo graphics). Anyhow, have a 1.6.1 - with bismuth lanterns!


Game updates

  • Feature: Added bismuth lanterns. Crafted like a normal lantern, but made from bismuth!
  • Tweak: Spider webs now break much faster
  • Tweak: The players 3rd person break and place animation now smoothly ease out
  • Fixed: Drifter death sound not positional
  • Fixed: Players able to place water in protected aras
  • Fixed: Placing a plate pile deleting other blocks
  • Fixed: 2 different crashes caused by using the quern
  • Fixed: Closing worldmap dialog not relocking mouse cursor
  • Fixed: Updated Cairo graphics library to latest version, might fix the long standing memory leak issues that appear after an hour of game play \o/
  • Fixed: Page break issues in the journal
  • Fixed: Bow shooting arrow heads
  • Fixed: Intro music playing in-game, on top of the normal music
  • Fixed: Rare deadlock issue causing the server tick rate to go to 0
  • Fixed: Small tweak to maybe prevent a crash of the sound engine
  • Fixed: Small memory leak in the world map, and the log spam it causes
  • Fixed: Error reporter dialog not showing server side errors
  • Fixed: Beemobs and dropped items never despawning
  • Fixed: Placing a straw dummy crashes the game

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