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Immersive Phototrophy

Omega Haxors

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It's time for the official pre-release of Immersive Phototrophy.

Hate eating all the time? Well boy do I have the solution for you.
Become a plant. They can make energy from the sun. Epic.

Simply type /photosynthesis to become a plant. Type it again to return to monky.
While a plant, you restore energy when in light. Not just sunlight, but also held light, block light, and even light coming off of entities.
Not only that, but your plant skin will generate sugar and inject it right into your blood, giving you a sugar rush. The more light, the faster you go.
All values are based on real life. A lot of research and effort went into ensuring a perfect balanced, backed up by real world values.

Due to a mistake in conversions, energy was rewarded half as much as it should have been, so it's been doubled.
Not only that, but clothing/armor now blocks sunlight exposure, which makes your photosynthesis less effective.
A new /exposure command has been added to provide useful information about the current light level/exposure.

Added oxygen restoration while underwater. Every 1 Calorie/s restored will give you 1 second more breath.
Added hard skin trait: All armor-reducible damage is halved
Added sterile gut downside: Food is less effective when eaten

Please leave feedback after playing, and let me know what you think about the new mechanic.


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Discord link is removed as the server was deleted
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REDESIGN plans for the future:

Plantlevel is going to be accessed through gameplay. To start, you first do something with seaweed and that will give you a little plantlevel.
Upon doing this you unlock a belly bar, which appears near your food bar. This is a currency which is consumed to allow you to do photosynthesis.
Every time you eat your belly bar goes up based on the amount of food eaten, or maybe I can have it go up whenever saturation (food) depletes.

Here's the fun part: if your belly is under half full, your plant level will go up, and if it's over half full, it will start to go down.
Plantlevel caps at 50% and if it's allowed to reach back to 0% you will revert to normal and have to start over the process.
Phototrophes start with a +50% buff but completely lose the ability to eat if their belly fills, requiring them to use it up through sunlight.

I also have to move everything from the external handler to a proper entity behavior so that I can do some major optimizations.
Most importantly to do custom NBT handling as the current NBT handler is really bad at dealing with large amounts of NBT values being changed at once.

There are also plans to add an invisible sugar bar which handles the boosts from phototrophy rather than just applying the boosts directly.
Major advantage of this system is allowing normal players to access it, either through the food that they're eating, or as a dedicated item.
Boosts from sugar will be contextual. If you're sprinting it will increase your speed, and if you're not it will be converted into food instead.

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