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Now first of all this doesn't need, nor would I want them to erupt. The thought I am presenting to day is structures and ore spawning.

I don't know how you intend to spawn ores or other resources, but volcanoes would be cool and a good place to commonly find diamonds.

Plz, by all means correct me if I am wrong, but don't diamonds form near volcanoes and hotspots more often than other locations?

other functions like this would be cool and possibly work. 

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Where they do occur in real life is kimberlite pipes: http://media.web.britannica.com/eb-media/47/106147-050-24B715B2.jpg

I had a long talk about this with my wife when we made Diamonds in Vintagecraft. I really do like the idea or rarely having such large cone shaped kimberlite structurs where you can find diamonds that reach up to the surface. We however came to the conclusion that from a gameplay perspective it is invaluable to have a near continous kimberlite layer on the bottom of the map so as to encourage the player mining deep underground and it also follows a clearly communicable game mechanic of "the deeper you dig, the better the ores, the more dangerous the mobs"

Generally realistic diamond spawning is not super fitting for a game like minecraft, i think

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