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Cursor locked

Carlo Masaia

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Hi, I would like to report a problem with the 1.6.9 for linux. When the mouse is free to change the direction of the camera, clicking will reset it to a specific state, does not matter where I was looking. This does not apply when the inventory or any other sub-window are opened and the camera rotation is locked.


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So I encounter this bug as well.

Every time you click with the mouse it changes the camera angle to the camera angle of the very first angle once you've logged in to the game. It you move the camera to point to an object north of you then log out and back in. Every mouse click(left or right) the camera angle changes back to the exact angle you logged in with, which would be the object north of you. If you then look south and log out and back in. Then look east and click the mouse and view port changes back to the south.

After reading Carlo Masaia post I realised I was using Gnome. I'm also on Fedora 27 so Gnome is using wayland instead of X11. So I changed my desktop to Gnome on X.Org and the problem went away.

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