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Handling pickled veggies


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So I pickled my very first batch of turnips, and put some into crocks to see how that worked. This has now led to some burning questions:

1. Is there any way to get pickled turnips out of a crock other than by using a bowl?

2. Is there any way to get pickled turnips out of a bowl other than by eating them?


I suppose if the answer turns out to be "no" to both, at least I have a couple of years to get hungry enough to eat raw pickled turnips. :P

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1. You should be able to put crocked turnips back into a barrel by simply right-click transferring. Otherwise, you can transfer between pots and crocks, though it doesn't really provide any use as the pot considers it already cooked and provides inaccurate sat values (unless creative mode just really doesn't like putting crocked vegetables into pots). It also interestingly enough started to duplicate the vegetables... I wouldn't be surprised if it's an unfinished test/creative-only feature, but try it yourself if you'd like.

2. Unless someone knows something I don't, from testing I believe once food goes into a bowl it is considered a meal and cannot be retrieved in any manner.

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