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Christmas is coming...


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I had a fun little idea that I thought I'd throw out there, with Christmas on the horizon...

Christmas Stockings and gift boxes...

I'd like to suggest a simple mod that adds Christmas Stockings.  Give them three inventory slots. A player can hang them on any wood or stone wall. Other players can place items in the stockings, but only the owner of the stocking can remove items from it.

Also, being able to place an item or a stack of items in a single-use gift box would be fun. Once opened/broken, the gift box disappears and the items drop.

To add to the idea: Make the stockings and gift boxes unable to be opened/broken until an admin enters some server command saying Merry Christmas!, or something like that.

Or to make it less holiday-specific, call them gift stockings and gift boxes, and an admin command along the lines of "Celebrate!", and a server message a player sees on log in that says "Let the Celebrations Begin!".

Admittedly a chest could be dropped somewhere anonymously with gifts in them as well just as easily, but stockings and gift boxes would be fun.

A silly suggestion, I know, but it would be fun on a community server at holiday time or for community events. ;)


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