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Piroshky/Little Pies


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For using up small amounts of meat/vegetables/fruit, it would be cool to have a new craftable item--piroshky. 1 dough, 1 meat/vegetable/fruit. Made like a pie and baked in the oven, 4 at a time like bread (or 8 at a time, since they would probably be smaller). Bread isn't very worth making because of the time and fuel cost for something that doesn't give all that much nutrition (I for one only really bake them when I'm out of everything else and it's either rye porridge or bread)... and pies are very useful, but require using 8 of each filling, which means you end up with leftovers that can't really go in anything unless you want to do, like, 3 servings of stew.


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For me, I have a lot of problems with just one or two ingredients that need to be eaten but that would be a waste of crock space unless I have a decent amount of everything.

So if you have, say, 3 rye grain, 2 cranberries, and a piece of redmeat, then you can really only do two things:

1) make a 1 serving porridge with the rye and cranberries and cook and eat the redmeat separately

2) make 3 piece of bread, eat the cranberries, cook and eat the redmeat.

The crocks are great in many situations, but not one where you only have scraps and really need the benefit of a bigger meal.

If piroshky were added, with those same ingredients you could make 3 piroshky: grind the grain up, make 3 dough, and then make 2 cranberry piroshky and 1 redmeat piroshky. Even better if you have a bit more grain, and then a turnip or an onion or maybe a few other berries.

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