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Food quality and diversity influencing health/health regen

Tomáš Sitarčík

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So i've been playing this game almost nonstop for the past week with my friends, and as one of the cooks for our village i feel like there isnt any incentive to making diverse types of foods for my hungry friends, because there is no benefit to eating diverse foods. So we just make pies whenever we can, otherwise we make stews or soups.
My suggestion is: have another meter similiar to satiety called "food diversity" which could either increase health, just as the nutrition system does, or increase health regeneration. Maybe we could even craft together several different kinds of foods(a bowl of soup, a slice of a pie and a glass of berry juice for example) to make specific meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. which could give some bonuses and fill the food diversity bar at the same time (or just look really nice when placed on a table).

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