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How to make wolves more passive?


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Hey guys, I want to make it so that wolves have a attack pattern similar to rams and won’t attack you from 15 blocks away. I put my world in passive but I just discovered that partly inhibits other things I want to do. I’ve never done any modding before and would appreciate any help.

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Haven't spent a whole lot of time looking at it, but I think it would be easiest to just change the damage dealt to something you can manage rather than making them passive. In 1.15.9, assets/survival/entities/land/wolf-female.json line 123 says, 

[code]damage: 8,[/code]

I have not tested it, but seems to me dropping that to 1 or 2 would make it much more survivable, and teach you how to battle them. For my part, I don't find them much of a challenge unless I'm still completely naked, and in that case, I can usually outrun them, and definitely outswim them.

Note, you would also have to change the appropriate line in wolf-male.json. 

Oh, since you have never done modding, be sure to save a copy of the files first so you can undo things if they don't work out...


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