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Some chisel works


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Howdy! Here's some chiselings I've been doing on the Aura Fury server.


A 3x3 painting for the AF painting contest:



A 4x4 set done with the Bricklayer mod's colored clay slabs (I drew it on Aseprite first and used a grid overlay as a guide for easy transfer into VS):


A smaller set, 1x2 blocks each, also with colored clay slabs:



Finally, some rugs:


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4 hours ago, Buggi said:

If you want to work on something enormous there's an entire back-wall of my cathedral that needs an artistic touch. 

Where'd you get the different colors for your work? I've been so limited in colors so far, wondering if I missed something obvious.

I could draw you a pixel-art blueprint that you could follow to chisel it yourself - I'd just need to know the dimensions, style you're going for and materials you have available. The Building+ mod has some very fancy windows that could save you a lot of chiseling time, though.

The bright colors from screenshot 2 and 3 are colored hardened clay (in slab form, to save on materials) from Tels' Bricklayers mod. They're rather resource-intensive for solo survival, but it's easier to trade for the stuff you're missing in a larger MP server. Screenshots 1 and 4 are basegame materials - various rock types for the painting and basegame hardened clays + plain plaster + Slate rock for the rugs.

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1 hour ago, Buggi said:

The opening is 14 blocks wide x ~33 blocks tall...  Like I said, it can fit an enormous work of chisel magic :)


I'll look into getting that Bricklayers mod, I want color options :)


🤔 At that size you could fit six 4x10 stained glass designs, plus dividers (which in turn could have some fancy trim). The Bricklayers mod also allows you to chisel colored glass, but I'd suggest you give that a test first - Haven't tried glass chiseling myself, even on creative, but I seem to recall that chiseling glass together gives it an odd texture that makes it hard to distinguish elaborate designs, so check if clay or glass would be a better fit for you and I might whip up a couple of pixel art designs when I find the time. Do you have any preference for subject matter?

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the Building+ mod would have you all set up for that, but if you want something more customized, here's a draft:


As I said, I'm not entirely sure if chiseled glass or clay would look better, so the white parts would be empty in case it was made of clay, so that some light could get through.

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oh wow, looking great!
I did install the brick mod you mentioned and will play around with the glass... I'd love to make this out of colored glass.

Not sure how much more I want to tackle another big circle... that gold gear was brutal...

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So after doing some testing it looks like chiseled glass would only really work if it was in rectangles as any notch cut into it would really mess up the transparency.

Looking into making some colored hardened clay, not as many colors available, but could make it work I think.

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