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  1. okay so here's what i have in mind - extending the windmills shouldn't be *too* costly if you use cheap materials for the walls and roof (plus, windmills are more efficient the higher up they are). this should leave you more room for the roof, and maybe add some extra touches here and there. let us know what it ends up looking like!
  2. Clay shingles are the more 'roofy' block out there, but that doesn't mean they're your only choice. Almost any block can look good as a roofing material, especially if you use some chiseling here and there to add some variety to the shapes (cobble, wood planks or hay blocks can all look pretty good). You might want to do a few test runs in a creative server to see what design works best for you, but I'd suggest switching the fire clay for blue clay shingles if you're going to keep those walls, since that would give a better contrast between the roof and the rest of the building, while fire cla
  3. you need to combine two chiseled blocks of different materials (right-clicking once on a block with a chisel is all it takes to transform it into a chiseled block). You simply place one on top of the other on the crafting grid, with the block you want as the base material on top. This should convert it into a "multi-material block", and once you place it you'll have the option to switch materials when you're using a chisel on the block. The 'painted' look is best if you combine blocks that have different colors but the same texture (like mixing different types of wood, or rock, or clay). You c
  4. Hi y'all! Just got the game a few weeks ago. Here's a peek at a build I've been doing in my Creative world. I'm particularly happy with the windows, especially the mashrabiyya-style ones on the second floor, but I think I'll make them with multiple wood types next time. I just wish there was an equivalent to the stripped log blocks in Minecraft, since I was getting a perfect result chiseling some logs until I realized the bark still showed up at the joints, ruining the look
  5. A good way to save up on charcoal (and coal) when smelting copper/bronze is to start with two or three units of cheaper fuel (enough to get the firepit temperature to that fuel's max heat), since all the time between lighting up the firepit and reaching the smelting point is basically a waste of fuel. It might only save you 1 or 2 coal per batch, but it adds up!
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