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Love the Mushrooms and Fruit Trees update - Great Job


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This is the direction that I want to see this project go. Earthy and realistic.

- Love the correct mushrooms growing on trees for example, hopefully they are temperature and enviornment dependent, some poisonous look alikes, mushrooms need to be cooked, rot quickly after ripe.


I wish you guys would do more easy low hanging fruit, like official options to:

- Disable crosshair, Auto Step-up, Disable all drifters or surface drifters (hate the mechanic and noises, love the story), Create presets for game options and config, Make best mods official additions, Storage size options (hate inventory managment), Zoom button, etc...


Next Big things please: Oceans, Rivers and fish. Animals like deer, Birds, frogs, squirrels, ducks (eat out of your hand). More visual Insects like butterflys- dragonflys, More bonding with animals, Add Quality variations to nearly everything, More story elements, Random events like meteors and fish jumping, Color/size variations for animals, trees, enviornemental (just visual effect).

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