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  1. I know it's not a gaming setup, but I'm pretty sure it was pretty tolerable before 1.15.5. I actually did, and while the overall performance is (and was) mediocre, there are no such huge lag spikes in 1.15.4
  2. The game starts lagging immediately upon entering the world @Tyron
  3. nope, I have 8. Still not much these days, but the game was perfectly playeable before 1.15. I'll take a look into the wiki
  4. Still absolutely unplayable on Linux as of 1.15 due to performance issues
  5. Unfortunately the performance regression introduced in 15.5 still presents in this version. The game basically grinds to halt after initial 3-4 minutes.
  6. Alternative viewpoint: Currently temporal storms are boring because they don't give any rewards, but have lots of drawbacks. Mechanically they are pretty close to Terraria events (such as Blood Moon or Goblin invasion). I think they are a good example of a game mechanic done right. Why they are fun in Terraria? Because they give some unique rewards and items that are inaccessible otherwise (higher risk - high reward). Temporal storms don't give anything except for food spoilage and high-level drifters (that still don't have good drops). Some of special events will eventually end (like Blood Moon), some won't until the player deals with them (goblin army won't go away until you defeat it). Another fun aspect is that a player can invoke some events by using unique items and performing some actions on them. Please don't. We already have time of day, temperature, xyz-coordinates, a map and temporal storm countdown messages "for free", without any efforts from a player. IMO this list should become shorter, not longer
  7. Would love to have some steampunk-themed tech (pistons, springs, elevators with chains/ropes). Also things like compass, depth meter (Terraria-style) would be nice (instead of getting them for free like we have now)
  8. Would love to get rid of them too! They simply don't fit in the theme/lore. Who they trade with (except for the player)? There are other "seraphs"? If so, why we can't meet them? A rare wanderer that shows up from time to time and doesn't mind to trade some wares before disappearing would be good, but a stationary trader that restocks every week doesn't make any sense
  9. Would love to have it too
  10. This is how this problem solved (kinda) in a 2D sandbox game with a similar problem. Blocks takes some time to build and the build process can be stopped by an attack. I totally agree that the current minecraft-ish mechanic of building inside dungeons breaks immersion. Unfortunately, this is only one of many dungeon-related problems. The unreasonable amount of drifters and their dumbness are other notable mentions.
  11. LuuBluum that's interesting, thanks for the heads up. It's not open source, more like "source available", but worth taking a look anyway
  12. @redram have you guys considered opensourcing the engine (but not assets)? That way you could have some free contributions and focus more on new content. I, for one, would dedicate some time to improve the engine and fix some bugs
  13. Braziers would be a very nice addition and would perfectly fit the game theme
  14. Regardless of specific proposals I would love to see cold biomes improvements
  15. They should calm down eventually, try approaching them after several days
  16. This stamina/durability combo sounds pretty close to Dark Souls for me (I'm not saying it's a bad thing)
  17. Please don't. There are enough cartoonish-looking MC clones
  18. Also trader wagons would greatly benefit from the brand-new technology known as "chiseling" to get round wheels
  19. Bastez I'm just pointing that this is a known issue and there is no solution at the moment. In a recent update drifter groans became a bit quieter though
  20. Is the new gate cratable? Can't see the recipe in the in-game desciption
  21. It could stay for several days, but when it decides to dissipate it takes it only a couple of seconds.
  22. caffeine9999

    Missing Trader

    Happened to me once, though he appeared eventually
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