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Howdy! big fan here, i was wondering if there will ever be a manual save option in the game, as mine tends to crash and I lose sometimes 20+ minutes of progress or end up with weird half saves where some things stay but other things reset, and while having the game not crash so often would be ideal, i'm very used to games like this and minecraft crashing constantly, and all I want is the option to save without quitting and reloading.

I'm pretty sure the crashes are caused by mods, so there's not much you guys can do there, but letting me manually save so i don't lose progress would make the crashes far less soul crushing.

is this something that could be added easily/ something you guys might do in the future? even a console command would be great.

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The command is /autosavenow

You can also map it to a key via the macro editor (CTRL+M), so you just hit that key occasionally and it saves for you. Just make sure that that key isn't in use already. For instance, the typical F5 for quicksave is bound by default to switch you to third person camera and back - you might want to pick something else.

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