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What does hardcore Vintage Story play like?


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There has been sporadic discussion of different game styles.  For those who are interested in a "hard" mode, what do you envision?

My thoughts:

  • block gravity
  • crop wasting
  • food spoilage (although I agree with whoever said that cutting off pieces is kind of silly)
  • loss of stuff on death (but no limit to number of deaths)
  • super dark nights and caves
  • fire sources spread to flammable blocks
  • no pillaring 

Hope to see your ideas for ways to make us miserable/challenged


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  • Flint is like quartz and copper, only found in loose bits near a deposit.
  • All metal will be found in compounds that require more refinement to obtain the useable metal. Ore deposits will be bigger and last longer.
  • Cave collapse mechanics that become worse the deeper you go.
  • Additional underground dangers.
  • Can't dig through grass with bare hands.
  • Can't place blocks while in combat or when not in contact with the ground.
  • Blocks have gravity and support mechanics
  • Can't outrun most animals.
  • All preditors will prioritize alone and unarmoured Seraphs without a weapon when hungry. Some enemies can dig through soft soil like sand and dirt.
  • Thirst mechanic with fresh and non-fresh, and salty water.
  • Sanity mechanics triggered by darkness, damage, and being attacked. Loss of sanity can result in seeing things that aren't there and not seeing things that are.
  • Endurance mechanic that limits the duration of running, swimming, chopping wood, and other activities and consumes calories to restore.
  • Temperature mechanic that increases thirst when hot and can freeze you to death. This is the reason you don't want to be wet and cold.
  • Nutrition system in which imposes negatives when too low or too high and slight positives when just right. 
  • No block info.
  • No free coordinates or map
  • Wild food fills you up a lot less and takes breeding to increase calories and nutrition. Lots of wild food but you need to eat a lot and it regrows slowly keeping you on the move.
  • Trees take much longer to grow and spread rather than dropping saplings.
  •  Swimming is a skill and you start off swimming really slowly.
  • Animals are found a lot more rarely but in groups that can defend themselves and their kids. They must also be breed to get more than just a hide and some meat.
  • Farming will require active watering. Crops will have stress levels which is increased by lack of water, poor soil, weeds, pests, and weather that is too hot or cold. Plant produce amounts will decrease with stress and can kill the plant if it becomes too stressed.
  • Steel will make fighting animals trivial but non-animals will still be difficult.



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I do like all the above info except one, here is how it could be different, but the same idea.
*All metal will be found in compounds that require more refinement to obtain the usable metal. Ore deposits will be bigger and last longer.

I think this would be more like a quality deal. Say you have copper ore (perhaps chalcopyrite (just as an example)) chalcopyrite tends to have copper and iron. At the beginning of the game where you have poor metal refinement techniques, you could smelt this ore to acquire a poor quality copper concoction. But over time as you get further into the game you could eventually develop techniques to purify this ore.
I guess what I am trying to say is that I imagine it being a quality thing rather than a usable or not situation.

Image result for chalcopyrite( I just wanted to show what chalcopyrite looks like because I think it is rather beautiful.)

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