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Vintage Civ: A First Week Recap

Southern Bloc

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So at the start of the server, we were plagued by constant issues, mostly with the host not allocating enough resources to us for the server. Well, we have good news! Vintage Civ is now on its own dedicated box, improving performance 10 fold! We invite you to come enjoy a high player count, a civilization building experience with old and new friends. We are multilingual, and are looking to expand our European population for a more around the clock experience. PM if interested, or need assistance! All appropriate links are below!


[ENG] : Https://www.vintageciv.com

[RUS]: Https://ru.vintageciv.com

[NL]: Https://nl.vintageciv.com

[DE]: Https://de.vintageciv.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/Qp4gjhNy

PM me Here: SouthernBloc#0001on Discord

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