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The Cooking Hotfix, Take #3 (v1.7.0-rc.4)


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28 tweaks/fixes in 24 hours. More than one bugfix/tweak per hour this time. Yay! :D


Game updates

  • Tweak: Creative inventory search now also searches the item/block description texts (+caches the texts for faster search)
  • Tweak: Slightly shortened range for med/high/very high quality shadows, at the gain of  higher quality near shadows
  • Tweak: Animals require more food to reproduce 
  • Tweak: Slightly increased chance of sulfur surface deposits 
  • Tweak: Testing versions now will also notify you if a newer stable release is out! \o/
  • Tweak: Crash reporter also logs game version number
  • Tweak: Ingot mold / Tool mod no longer displaying "liquid" below 80% melting point, instead it now writes "soft", and then "hardened" when below the usual 20% temp
  • Fixed: Right clicking bloomery with empty hands crashing the game
  • Fixed: Wrong particle color spawned by lantern breaking
  • Fixed: Smithing and metal pouring particles blue colored
  • Fixed: Alt+F9 crashing the game
  • Fixed: Might fix held torch light not working after loading the game until player moved a chunk
  • Fixed: May fix the weird issues blockentities are not removed property, leaving behind various artifacts
  • Fixed: Sun/Moon disappearing when dynamic shadow is on and an item is held in hands
  • Fixed: Eggs in meals not adding any saturation to the meals
  • Fixed: Breaking time for glass slabs too long
  • Fixed: Should prevent the game from crashing when trying to use a crucible thats in an invalid state
  • Fixed: Client side fire columns of death emanating from charcoal pits
  • Fixed: Should fix fire pit not redrawing after its contents changed
  • Fixed: Should avoid a crash with the trough blocks
  • Fixed: Worldgen deleting itemstacks in ruins and logging errors
  • Fixed: Game crashing when clicking singleplayer in the main menu while another game/server is running. Instead now prevents you from launching or editing a savegame that is not writable
  • Fixed: Player rotation resetting when cycling from 3rd person to overhead mode
  • Fixed: Mod asset load order reversed, preventing asset overrides
  • Fixed: Unclear naming on some of the ore blocks
  • Fixed: Cube particles not getting shaded when dynamic shadows are on
  • Fixed: Some missing/broken/incorrect blocks/items in ruins
  • Fixed: Chest type in tooltip text in code form and not name form

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