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The Stable Cooking From Scratch Hotfix (v1.7.0)


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Version 1.7.0, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

All common crashes and major issues seem now gone. I think that warrants a stable release now. 
The cooking system now has a wiki page and either me or one of the lovely wiki editors will try to add the rest of the 1.7 content there very soon. 

Enjoy 1.7 everyone \o/


Game updates

  • Tweak: The grain in a porridge now gives double the saturation
  • Tweak: Some debug stuff to find a rare server lock up
  • Tweak: Can now place gears on the ground. Placed gears break faster
  • Tweak: Increase drop quantities of various items from the loot vessel 
  • Tweak: Added sound when using a poultice
  • Fixed: Fence block getting deleted from inventory when placing it while standing on the same block
  • Fixed: Loose gears generated during worldgen replaces rock
  • Fixed: Using a poultice consumed it twice
  • Fixed: Some meal eating oddities and a crash 
  • Fixed: Cooking slots and text not disappearing after a meal was cooked
  • Fixed: Cooking text sometimes cut off
  • Fixed: Not able to make a stew from 4 meat

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