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Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, stabler finetune (1.16.2-rc.1)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.16.2-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

This release fixes some more minor imbalances, performance leaks, crashes, annoyances and other loose ends in 1.16.1. Should be particularly helpful for server owners who had their server crash on a daily basis.

Screenshot by Stew#5144

Game updates 

  • Tweak: Reduced knockback by 50% when in-mid air. Should avoid cases of huge knockback.
  • Tweak: Disabled VSync by default
  • Tweak: Fix potential performance leak in entity physics
  • Tweak: Wallpaper item in inventories no longer rotates on mouseover
  • Tweak: Added platform specific test for disk free space, should hopefully make the server not start when low on disc space, as intended
  • Tweak: Massively reduce CPU usage for empty vintage story servers under Linux (12% => 1.7%). Should also generally reduce game server single core cpu usage by 3-5% (single core percentages)
  • Tweak: Mitigate heavy server lag (above 0.4 second ticks) by running entity physics at a slower rate
  • Fixed: Unecessarry overall performance drain in the shader in 1.16 (31 -> 34 FPS in a heavily forested area)
  • Fixed: Overlapping text in the crash reporter on 1080p screens
  • Fixed: More liquid movement issues
  • Fixed: Rare exception thrown in the server logs
  • Fixed: Server exception spam with hacked locusts
  • Fixed: Black flicker on the client twice a day, at 12:00 and 0:00
  • Fixed: Game crashing on invalid contents inside liquid containers
  • Fixed: Multiplayer mod downloader not scrolling correct and crashing to desktop when there's many mods to download
  • Fixed: Fruit trees correct color on map, no longer white
  • Fixed: Pullets and cockerels no longer grow larger than adult birds
  • Fixed: Stackoverflow Exception / Server Freeze caused by Multiblocks
  • Fixed: Ewes forever milkable
  • Fixed: Incorrect daily temperature variation
  • api fixed: uContents and incontainer translation keys not respecting domain,
  • api fixed: uContents quantity attribute not applied
  • api fixed: Propick crashing when adding new rock strata blocks to an existing world


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16 hours ago, Philtre said:

Farewell to the days of easily finding those guys. :D It's going to be a lot harder now....

I found the reason that I found so small amount of fruit  tress >< I play on wilderness survival.

I hope these will be occasion to make them more common, I hate checking every birch tree ><

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