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  1. I think Temporal Storms should give more temporal gears as reward, currently especially in end game they get boring, so we usually sleep through them. But higher chance of getting temporal gear will make this mini game worth to play. Our last heavy temporal storm (2players fight) gave as only one temporal gear ><
  2. I have the same issue, I was working on jams as usual (3 crocks of jams from 2 pots) but I ended up with few crocks only containing 2 portions. And it worked well before update. We have issue too that we can't stack bowls with jam.
  3. With new roofs options it would be great addition, especially that clay shingles require ton of work. You could just craft easier roof using slate/shale stones
  4. I would loves to see trees like in dynamic tress mod for minecraft. These works very well on my slow computer : VS take many ideas form minecraft mods, these is one of the better. It's not in video but falling tress can fall on you and kill you ;).
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