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Time passing very quickly.


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A friend of mine opened up a server a few weeks ago and all has been great until a few days ago. Time flies by rapidly whenever he tries to play. A whole day will pass for him in about a minute, and he can’t pick up anything either.  Does anyone know what to do to fix this?

Thank you!

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When reporting a bug, please always give some information, like game version you play on and mods you use, general hardware info (especially CPU), if it happens on a server how many players do experience the same issue, if possible the affected player's latency...

Without information everything anyone can do is guess what could cause such a problem, which makes finding the actual problem take longer and with that finding a fix for it even more so.

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I am experiencing this as well. I was able to reproduce it past a computer reboot, thinking it was due to not having rebooted my computer in a few days.

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 860 2.8 GHz
  • OS: Windows 10 22H2
  • Game version: 1.18.8
  • Active mods:
    • Animal Cages 2.0.6
    • Kiln Spreading 1.0.0
    • MumbleLink 1.3.1
    • Pet AI 1.5.5
    • Tree Tapping 1.0.0
    • Vintage Titan 0.2.1
    • Creative Mode 1.18.8
    • Essentials 1.18.8
    • Survival Mode 1.18.8
    • Wolf taming 1.5.4

EDIT: Resetting /time speed and /time hoursperday to  60 and 24 respectively fixed the issue.

2023-08-26 14_23_09-Clipboard.png

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Just started happening to me, too! I checked the base time and it says: Base Time speed 60 set, 1 day = 8.2 real minutes.

Last night 1 day = 40 realm minutes!  Now the torches are burning like the end of the world and the sun is streaking across the sky! I'm betting the game will be unplayable in this mode... I'll never make enough progress to survive winter! The time defaults were set to normal on world creation except 1 month = 30 days.

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